American Kennel Club publisher

Get Family Dog Magazine Do you think of your dog as much more than just a pet? Do you consider him a part of your family? Is his health, happiness, and well-being a priority? If so, AKC FAMILY DOG ... Author: American Kennel Club Publisher: Ballantine Books ISBN: 0307416992 Size: 14.39 MB Format: PDF, Mobi Category : Pets Languages : en Pages : 880 View: 4792. Get Books. Book Description: The Complete Dog Book by American Kennel Club, The Complete Dog Book Book available in PDF, EPUB, Mobi Format. Download The Complete Dog Book books Sunset Goldens Has Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In La Center, WA On AKC PuppyFinder American Kennel Club is the author of The Complete Dog Book (4.22 avg rating, 202 ratings, 10 reviews, published 1939), Citizen Canine (3.98 avg rating, ... For more than 100 years, the American Kennel Club has been the nation's premier publisher of magazines on the subject of dogs. The American Kennel Club magazines, AKC Gazette, AKC Family Dog, and Puppies, reach a collective audience of more than 1.1 million readers. The AKC is the recognized and trusted expert in breed, health and training information for dogs. The American Kennel Club’s GoodDog! Helpline team offer puppy training at home and provide online dog training support. These expert dog trainers are available seven days a week for help with training and behavioral issues, including house training a puppy, barking, crate training, recalls separation anxiety, chewing, biting and more. About American Kennel Club The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect ... PALAZZO CANE CORSO Has Cane Corso Puppies For Sale In Douglasville, GA On AKC PuppyFinder The American Kennel Club (New York, New York) was founded in 1884 as an advocate for purebred dogs for pets and for sport. It constantly works to advance canine health and well-being throught the country, to protect the rights of dog owners, and promote responsible dog ownership.

Yet another reason to not adopt a pit bull or other high-risk dog

2020.07.09 01:26 Kenneth_M_Phillips Yet another reason to not adopt a pit bull or other high-risk dog

On Monday, a Florida judge ruled that Ronald Delserro's bullmastiff was dangerous, as well it was, having attacked a person inside the home of his neighbors, Guy Hansman and his wife and kids. Immediately after the court hearing, Mr. Delserro went home, grabbed his two handguns, went to the Hansman residence and shot to death Mr. Hansman and his 11-year-old daughter, Harper. This happened in an otherwise peaceful neighborhood in Port St. Lucie. (The article in the Daily Mail:
The police said, "we are going to do everything we can to find all the reasons why." Begin with this: "Fearless at work, docile at home, the Bullmastiff is a large, muscular guarder who pursued and held poachers in Merry Old England—merry, we suppose, for everyone but poachers. Bullmastiffs are the result of Bulldog and Mastiff crosses." (American Kennel Club, "Bullmastiff Dog Breed Information.) This bullmastiff had previously bit someone in the victims' house and then was judicially classified as dangerous. The gunman in this double murder was the owner of the dangerous dog. He was 82 years of age. Now ask yourself, why did an 82-year-old man, living in a nice residential neighborhood, keep a dangerous, large, muscular guarder known for pursuing poachers in Merry Old England?
Does the word "crazy" come to mind? Read "Personality and Behavioral Characteristics of Owners of Vicious Breeds of Dog" at As you will discover, people who own high-risk dogs are statistically more likely to be crazy, violent sociopaths who beat their spouses, abuse children and break the law in all sorts of ways. Does that describe all the owners of bullmastiffs, pit bulls and the like? -- no, it doesn't. I am saying that the peer-reviewed, published research shows there is a statistically significant, relatively large cohort of crazy, dangerous, awful people who own such dogs.
Which brings us to pit bulls. Isn't this another good reason to NOT own a pit bull or other high-risk dog -- not wanting to be lumped in with such an undesirable crowd?
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2020.03.14 09:53 ajlee2006 List of Instagram business categories

Academic Camp
Addiction Resources Center
Addiction Service
Addiction Treatment Center
Adult Entertainment Service
Advertising Agency
Aerospace Company
African Restaurant
Agricultural Cooperative
Agricultural Service
Airline Company
Airline Industry Service
Airport Shuttle Service
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
Amateur Photographer
Amateur Sports Team
American Restaurant
Amusement & Theme Park
Animal Shelter
Antique Store
Apartment & Condo Building
Apostolic Church
App Page
Apparel & Clothing
Apparel Distributor
Appliance Manufacturer
Appliance Repair Service
Aquatic Pet Store
Arabian Restaurant
Architectural Designer
Architectural Engineer
Architectural Tour Agency
Argentinian Restaurant
Aromatherapy Service
Art Gallery
Art Museum
Art Restoration Service
Art School
Art Tour Agency
Arts & Crafts Store
Arts & Entertainment
Arts & Humanities Website
Asian Fusion Restaurant
Asian Restaurant
Assemblies Of God
Astrologist & Psychic
Atv Recreation Park
Auction House
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Australian Restaurant
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Automated Teller Machine (Atm)
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Automotive Repair Shop
Automotive Restoration Service
Automotive Service
Automotive Store
Automotive Window Tinting Service
Automotive, Aircraft & Boat
Aviation School
Awning Supplier
Baby & Children's Clothing Store
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Bags & Luggage Company
Bags & Luggage Store
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Women's Health Clinic
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2020.02.14 18:42 HarvestTeam Canon of Power Electronics (taken from Special Interests forum)

This topic was originally started at Topic died little by little after first wave of enthusiasm. Maybe things get added here. Material of list is made based on suggestions of several people, not only myself. Nobody is given credit.For PE, listing could be still doable. Noise, experimental music of all types and such genres become so wide and massive, it's very hard to make any sense on it. In case of PE, it is even possible to collect if not all, then at least major amount of releases to form quite accurate picture of what has happened in past.
Revised introduction for:CANON OF POWER ELECTRONICS:
There was one other forum of other music, where people would be building list of bands & their albums, to create kind of canon of the music style. Not to be taken as biblical truth, but more like: In relation to literature, this term is half-seriously applied to those works generally accepted as the great ones. List in chronological order, as simple guide of the biggest influential milestones of the genre.Not to be taking too seriously. More as fun to see the development & route of where genre started and were it has gone.Any suggestion welcomed and list will be updated. No credits given to who suggested (so don't think I'm here promoting my own stuff is someone just happened to see it look suitable for list).
Please, no suggestions based on who is your friend and who is cool & great dude.
What kind of releases should be included?
  1. Preferably on their relevance influencing whole genre and importance in some sort of landmarks.
  2. Releases with high status based merely on success, and therefore their obvious influence in getting into ears of big number of people.
  3. Releases with exceptionally good/original/unusual contribution, to musical or cultural climate of power electronics, even if they may not be at their time or at the moment high "commericial" success.
  4. Releases with high local relevance. Local not meaning "you and your buddies", but for example domestic scene of your country.
Purpose of the list?To observe & investigate the development of the genre, it's highlights, exceptional releases. Basically landmarks of genre from 1979 to 2008. To observe something like this, can't be merely list of top-3 or evern top-10 PE releases and biggest bands. Every release doesn't have to be equivalent of RIGHT TO KILL in musical style, legendary status or such. There is needed to be releases that show where genre went after the first and biggest impacts. And also releases, what are not necessarily milestones of genre as whole, but some fraction of it.
Every good release isn't needed to be listed. Otherwise it'll be just endless huge catalog. Releases what are clearly and without doubt a RESULT of something else, are not necessarily exception or even landmark -status worthy releases. In any musical genre, you will see the leaders and followers. Monuments and minor footsteps. If we are talking about "canon", it should be the greats of the genre, with the slightly loose grip (see the numbered basic guidelines above).
When making suggestions, some explanation why, IS required. Not all releases of every good band must be listed. Like in case of Con-Dom. Surely there follows amazing releases besides the first studio tape and first full length LP, but I'll see later what all of them should be added. Grey Wolves surely did impact already with 1st LP, raising politically motivated PE to quite brutal heights. But musically their few years later LP could be seen making bigger impact, perhaps?
How to measure what releases are influential is matter of discussion what follows here. Suggestions and debate is welcomed. Whole list is subject to change, if good enough "proof" is give.
THE CANON OF POWER ELECTRONICS (under process)contributions from various people (nobody credited here)
1979:*SPK "Factory" 7", industrial classic, what remains startinpoint & major influence for many bands, from Slogun to Sutcliffe Jugend and needless to say directly or indirectly to almost any band of genre out there.
1980*Whitehouse "Birthdeath experience" LP, debute album of without doubt the most influential power electronics band.
1981*MB "Symphony For A Genocide" LP. Originally LP on Sterile, to be re-issued numerous times on various labels on all formats. That alone should show its importance.
1982*SPK ‎"Leichenschrei" LP, industrial classic, what remains startinpoint & major influence for many bands, from Slogun to Sutcliffe Jugend and needless to say directly or indirectly to almost any band of genre out there.*Whitehouse "psychopathia sexualis" LP, not any remarkable in bands career or highlights of year, but for coining the whole term power electronics.*Sutcliffe Jugend "we spit on their graves" 10xMC box, release what is not only nearly unbeatably extreme in sound, but also massive in magnitude that even in form of chopped up sampler CD, remains classic of the genre.*V/A "Neuengamme" LP, without doubt compilations are/can be important part of scene. This particular being one of the most legendary with insane line-up and being the first PE vinyl comps out there.*NON "physical evidence" LP, one of the harshest NON recordings, compilation of tape noise live actions. Mono recording with utmost physical atmosphere.*V/A "Für Ilse Koch" LP, together with Neuengamme, most legendary PE compilations. Whitehouse, Consumer Electronics, Leibstandarte SS MB, etc. And not only musical foundations, but culturally significant underlining the common themes, matters of interest and iconography to be widely characterize Power Electronics.*LXSS "Twist And Decease" tape, next of the Italian PE projects after MB. Band merely published couple tapes and LP, also published on Broken Flag compilations.
1983*Whitehouse "right to kill" LP, album that is legendary due its difficult availability and legendary status, and being one of the most distribing and violent PE recordings.*Ramleh "return to slavery" LP, actually a split LP, but one of early masterpieces.*Ramleh "The Hand of Glory" 7", reverb drenched simple yet disturbing p.e. Showed that you didn't have to yell and scream to be creepy as fuck, later re-issued as 12" with heavier sound.*V/A "white power" tape, Iphar label classic. Consumer Electronics, Ramleh, Kraang, Club Moral, MB, Sutcliffe Jugend. With line-up of the utmost classic bands and the more obscure projects giving some of their best contributions, release and its crude presentation is essential when considering pure PE of the era.*RJF "Greater Success In Apprehension & Convictions" LP, the first swedish postmortem release, with huge impact on national level, and hints of shock waves around the world. CD re-issue in 2008 made it known to whole new generations.
1984John Duncan "riot" LP, masterworks of shortwave radio, military signals etc. Pioneering industrial artists/performance artists, who crossed borders of accepted to create something very unique.
1985*Controlled Bleeding "Knees And Bones" LP, one of the utmost classics. And the material of session has been recycled extensively, and with success, like "Plegm Bag Spattered" cd 5 years later, which could be even stronger?*Blackhouse "hope" LP, debute LP of american band who in response of Whitehouse's extreme violence and sex delivers christian religious message through the rhythmic industrial, which has more in common with some early days Esplendor Geometrico etc than some disco/powernoise/EBM stuff.*Whitehouse "great white death" LP, seems like this release really changed the vocal/lyrical style in a monumental way. Pre-GWD, most PE tracks had vocals processed to incomprehensibility, lyrics only able to be deciphered through by reading them in some fanzine. Also, just the cadence, the slightly more declamatory gestures, and especially, the largely unprocessed vocals, allowing CLEAR and PRECISE ENUNCIATION of every word, seems like a pretty defining moment in the history.*Ramleh - "Awake!" 6x tape box set, collection of rare/live/different versions, another showcase of exaggerated magnitude of early power electronics.*Mauthausen Orchestra "Anal Perversions" tape, one of the many MO tapes, creating the legendary status of italian filthy PE. Later bootlegged as LP.*Le Syndicat "corrumpate" tape, later re-issued on CD. Extensively distributed among tape scene of the time.
1986*Le Syndicat "rectitude" tape, later re-issued on CD. Extensively distributed among tape scene of the time.*GRIM "folk music" LP, release of one of the obscure projects with White hospital and Vasilisk connections. These days high priced collectors item has been made available as CD on western label.
1987*Con-Dom "Have faith" tape, early studio tape on Broken Flag.*NON "Blood & flame" LP, his full of tape-noise screech, in simplicity and energy fitting what we call power electronics.*Boy Dirt Car "winter" LP, full length vinyl LP of American band who operated from industrial rock to extreme crude sounds.*Eric Lunde "Expositions of the Virus " tape, BDC mastermind with his solo work.*ULTRA "Youthful Pleasures" LP, perverse american band, which musically often do not fit under strict definition of power electronics, but their approach walks hand in hand in many levels.
1988*The Sodality "Orgies Of Crime " 12", following their year earlier full length, great example of dramatic and composed power electronics, also forging the image of italian PE's violence & sexual sadism.
1989*Genocide Organ "Leichenlinie" LP, debut LP of German band which quickly rised among one of the legends of genre. Also one of responsible of the more old school industrial wibes back in the sound. Tightly connected with Tesco Organization, their slogans like "back to basics", were response against academic & artsy abstract noise, back into themes and sound of earliest industrial music and power electronics what would flourish in germany in upcoming decade.
1990*Brighter Death Now "great death" LP, debut LP from project which alone forged image of what many call death industrial.*Mauthausen Orchestra "5 years of Slaughter" LP, best of the early tapes. Don't know how many copies of early tapes were originally sent out, but possibly this leading bands extreme works to hundreds of new listeners.
1991*Con-Dom "eight pillar" LP, first full length LP by Con-Dom. Already back in 1991, sounding more modern & experimental and groundbreaking than many bands after it. Band that is highly praised and worshipped, but never managed to be copied!
1992*Final Solution - do as you're told 7" (USA PE. In liner notes Mark Solotroff explains its influence to Intrinsic Action synth driven material. Despite often blamed to be nothing but WH clone, one can see it's relevance in influencing generation of USA PE, directly or indirectly)*Intrinsic Action "Sado-Electronics" CD, after demo tapes and 7"s, major release on Tesco Organization Germany.
1993*Anenzephalia "Fragments Of Demise" LP, debute album of German project on RRR. Still showing early stages of projects sound, but in its raw industrial-pe fusion sound, definitely one important project underlining power shift of attention to many German projects.
1994*Sutcliffe Jugend "s/t" CD, material dates back to early 80's, but this is one of the very few official releases at this point of the rare materials on cd format and it came in 1994. Bands works of that era remains in very top of violent power electronics. In themes, lyrics, sounds, in every way presenting level what very few have reached since.*Streicher "Legion St. George" tape. Later to be re-issued as LP. Band never succeeded in "commercial" way. Operating in times when publicity and distribution was still very hard and limited. Distributed by many of the major noise distributors of the time (RRR, Artware etc). However, the style and atmosphere of Streicher and its home label Zero Cabal took the original 80's power electronics and twisted in into another extremes. Its influence can be still heard today, even in form of tribute tapes. Streicher possibly also one of the early project presenting skinhead culture in their art and lyrics.
1995*Taint "indecent liberties" LP, debut vinyl of project showing new levels of violence*Genocide Organ "mind control" LP*Macronympha "Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania" LP, one could always argue what is noise and what is power electronics, but when you have some of the strongest noise packaged in huge poster of hanged man by KKK, released by German power electronics label, it's qualified. Debut full length vinyl LP of band, without doubt a landmark in their own discography as well as harsh noise.
1996*Grey Wolves "Catholic Priests Fuck Children" LP*Law - Pariahs Among Outcasts LP, one of proofs of bands being able to innovative and different, yet still fall into PE category. Supreme artwork and some of the most tasteful texts included with the booklet.*Operation Cleansweep "power hungry" LP, another landmark of german power electronics.*Con-Dom - sermon series. At least one out in previous year, but most are in 1996. As a limited edition set of 25 copies is a proof of nearly divine insanity, and musically some of the most original, personal and different power electronics.*MURDER CORPORATION "New Crimes" CD, in middle of bands career, first CD release after 3 years of small edition tapes, made band more known. The obsession of italia lo-fi death lust remains for the limited fanbase due sheer difficulty & unpleasant production values, but one of the bands who kept this approach alive while many others aimed for clearer and heavier production.
1997*Genocide Organ "remember" 2xLP, possible the strongest landmark of Genocide Organ, and one of the most important records to build their international reputation they have. Most violent and aggressive of their releases, collected from various live shows. Including endless stream of now classic tracks which are like anthems of german power electronics!*Thorofon "Maximum Punishment Solutions" LP, despite band took quick turn to another direction, their debut LP made strong impact in the scene at the time, making the whole era dominated by German power electronics.*Death Squad "theological genocide" CD, 1000 copies cd and extensive touring around the world during this and previous/following years made more impact than project gets credit for. Many of the earlier tapes were too limited to create bigger scale attention, but are worshipped trophies of industrial/pe fanatics. Band with huge charisma and content what (if world would be fair would-) put it up there with the legends of industrial music.*V/A "War Against Society" 3xLP. There might have been compilations before and after. There has been attempts to create some to-be-classic special collector trophy box-sets, but very few, if any, match to the ultimate superiority of War Against Society. Militia, Con-Dom, Grey Wolves, Law, Streicher, Victim Kennel. One side each. And everybody, at their best! Anyone without this, couldn't say their record collection would be "complete". So try to be one of the 750. It still goes to ridiculously small amounts of money!
1998*Haus Arafna "Children Of God" CD, 2nd album of Haus Arafna where they basically reached the logical development from their previous 7"s and LP. Analogue synthesizers, vintage drum machines, structured songs between PE and industrial.*PROIEKT HAT "Lebensunwertes Leben" LP, obscure project on Cold Meat industry, one of leading higher profile names in the 90's tape obsessed power electronics realms.
2000* "Dogs Of Total Order" LP (in times when Finnish pe vinyl were kind of rarity, it delivered the goods. Bringing international attention to and the whole Finnish scene in general)*SLOGUN "Kill To Forget" CD, out of many excellent albums, this would clearly be one of the utmost highlights in history of Slogun. Release to define what many people understand as american power electronics.*IRM "Oedipus Dethroned" CD, band that caused stir already from first demo tape. To expand the sonic and artistic approach of power electronics into personal directions. After this 2nd full length, band had launched excellent additions to discography without any failures.*V/A "DEGENERATING FINLAND" CD. Before this compilation, Finnish scene was barely exposed to rest of the world. Presenting the leading line-up of late 90's, compilation opened many doors for following releases of many of the projects. Small 300 copies pressing might have more national importance.
2001*CON-DOM "Colour Of A Man's Skin" 2xLP + 2x7", S/Sided, studio releases of Con-Dom are always exceptional. This release is long worked out project, where some of the tracks originate from very early days, and early versions may be heard on some of his live assaults. But another great example, how landmark releases are made. 100% unique in sound, presentation, magnitute of efforts in concept, packaging, time and money.
2002*Nicole 12 & Taint "Candyman" CD, unapologetic examination of the flesh market and pedophilia. Attacks the subject matter from different perspectives and opened up the subject for other artists. Originally extremely rare CDR releases with very explicit artwork.*Prurient "The History Of Aids" CD. One of bands milestone releases, without doubt being major influence for a lot of new artists. Often matter of debate whether project or its followers are what people call power electronics, but vocals, noise, electronics, sexual disease, mental depression, all the elements are there.*NAVICON TORTURE TECHNOLOGIES "The Church of Dead Girls" 2xCD, high profile release, where direction, ideas and style of earlier releases was pushed to logical continuum, but presented on high profile label with unusual packaging. Modern american power electronics.
2003*Deathpile "G.R." CD, the end of long career of US PE band, shows them stopping at the top level of US violent crime electronics.*Whitehouse "bird seed" CD, out of all the "new era" of whitehouse, this album, with supreme stand-out track Wriggle Like A Ficking Eel, showed that band was still able to go for new heights. In lyrics, in innovative music as well as while losing maybe some of the "PE purists" appreciation, gaining unsees popularity.*Atrax Morgue "Death - Orgasm Connector" CD, it could be said that from different styles and eras of AM, this is purely a personal choise of myself. AM was always AM, but this album is a example of insanity of such level, that there just isn't anyone doing ever remotely close. One could always throw some WH New Britain references, but the fact is that razor sharp execution of PE right there in border of insane vs. ridiculous manages to go into direction nobody else has.
2004*TAINT "Misogynist Lust" CD. One of the modern day bands who was able to capture violence and sexual overtones of early PE, with credibility and authenticity. Also existing as tape and LP format.
2005*INSTITUT "The Struggle Never Ended" CD, 3rd album of swedish band, showing them at their best.*BLOOD OV THEE CHRIST "mastercontrol" CD, band that back in 80's remained in knowledge of very few, often Swedish collectors. Re-issue of ultra limited tape not only made wide amount of people aware of the project, but also boosted project to resurrect into live actions and new releases on Swedish and foreign labels.
2006*RASTHOF DACHAU "prison poems" LP/CD, long time active Austrian band, perhaps culminating their style, very representative for big part of Austrian/Steinklang team, mixing euro PE with industrial beats and controversial IRA poetry.*GRUNT "seer of decay" 2xCD. Depending on how you look at it, this is possibly the first "real" full length CD of Grunt, already been active almost 15 years before its release and countless releases in the discography. Also culmination of two styles, the more complex composed PE as well as obsessive use of metal junk.
2007*BIZARRE UPROAR "Unsafe And Insane" LP, the long operating finnish band, after c. 15 years with this Japanese debut full length LP seems finally rised into wider public knowledge. Their recent years extensive release schedule is impressive and high wanted among die hard filth & violence fanatics, but as obvious, vinyl LP often is the culmination of work.
2008* "Divine Legions Beyond Psyche CD", still pushing the boundaries of PE into new realms. Further incorporating bizarre concepts and sounds and making stylistic changes that one may not have thought acceptable.*HALFLINGS "Cough It Up" CDR, Defining the American power electronics scene as going in a different direction then where pe from other parts of the world seem to be going. More of a punk feel but still quite esoteric and original, reaching new levels of aggression and raw power. New wave of american PE often under debate whether it even qualifies as PE, but the new breed like this, might be the ones known from the PE of next decade. Perhaps far from its roots(?), but expressing the cultural climate of the time.*STRICT "kiss" 12", legendary projects which is often topic of discussion and praise, but hardly managed to make wide spread solo release. Years later of its recordings, this 12" still remains as stand-out due sheer volume of violence and sadism.
to be continued...
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2020.01.07 07:39 gingerblz The more and more I think about the morality regarding buying animals potentially from puppy mills (or not buying), the more I realize that it's actually pretty complicated.

I've already decided my official position on buying puppies, or from suspected puppy mill fronts/ associated retail pet chains: I'm not going to.
But that's the easy argument to accept. Of course I don't want to support puppy mills. That's the mantra, and I basically agree with it, and its intended effect. The logic is sound. Puppy mills exist because there is a demand for them. Remove the demand, remove the need for them to exist.
But this mantra hinges on the assumption that systems can be directed to change towards a desired outcome. It's my position that we CAN change systems to a desired effect. However, I'm not at all convinced that platitudes about not supporting puppy mills is capable of achieving the intended goal of eliminating puppy mills' ubiquity.
Perhaps it's just an easily bypassed human psychological quirk, where so long as a puppy mill puppy is a degree or two removed from the actual breeder (eg buying from a pet store supplied by puppy mills, distribution...etc), we will in some meaningful way, always be morally unburdened by the existence of puppy mills.
So what are we left with? We have puppies, whose existence was, as far as each individual is concerned, inevitable. They're living in the worst possible living conditions. It seems there's at least a partially compelling argument that adopting one of these innocent puppies out of their current conditions in the most urgent manner possible could potentially be a moral position to take.
I've always adopted from rescues in the past, but only recently considered purchasing a specific breed as a puppy from a breeder. Thankfully, the humane society has an annual publication of the 100 worst currently operating puppy mills. They research the published findings of USDA violations, and compile them with descriptions. Before I found this list, I thought I'd avoid puppy mills by checking out the American Kennel Club listings. Sure as shit, I found an accredited breeder on the AKC. They do their homework, right? Nope. The first breeder I selected on the AKC listing showed up on the humane society list of worst breeders.
Here's the kicker, I can't recall all of the specifics of the violations, but I do know that they were for things a lay person might easily assume would result in a revocation of their licence. Instead, they received a warning/fine--not enough to keep them from continuing their operations. This is a complicated problem to solve. Even if I had all of the information in front of me, I still wouldn't be qualified to give a solution. But it seems like the source of the problem is with government oversight and enforcement. To their credit, their oversight is better than their enforcement. They seem to be finding plenty of violations. They're just not doing anything about it.
I'm curious if anyone else has pondered this, and what your thoughts on the issue are.
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2017.12.28 08:11 911bodysnatchers322 Transcript of George Webb Video Series Part 235 "Hillary's Leakers, Hackers, and Henchmen" [@Georgwebb / #HRCRatline]

  • Day 68.7. Without the 4th Amendment, We Are All Dredd Scott - YouTube
    • Day 68 this is part 7 and the great light of justice has spoken
    • Rudy Contreras
    • Rudolph Contreras the great Federal judge of the DC District Court has ruled
    • And he has said Mr Sweigert Mr. George Webb Sweigert do you need to respond until Feb 4
    • Now he doesn't know that my motions aren't getting entered into the court through paper
    • And so he did grant me electronic
    • (Sorry there's a little work going down here at the port of Alexandria)
    • But he did say that he wants to hear this case
    • He wants to know the facts of this case and he knows there has been a fraud on this Court
    • I don't know if he wants to say that right now
    • I think he wants that to be brought forward through litigation,through a plaintiff, to say "there has been fraud on this court"
    • Gregg Jarrett has mentioned this with Fox, and other commentators have mentioned this
    • That if you bring a pack of lies in front of the court, and you presented as fact, and you say, "oh I'm the FBI and now we're gonna engage in a illegal wiretap,"
    • And you subvert the court, if you lie to the court, if you do not present the facts of the court, and then gain a subterfuge on the court to do an illegal activity in the courts name: that is a fraud on the court
    • That is a disgrace on the court
    • That is a disgrace on Judge Contreras
    • This is a very important moment in time, because 702 is being re-evaluated
    • NDAA is being reevaluated
    • Smith-Mundt is being reevaluated
    • This whole parallel construction methodology and modus operandi is being re-evaluated
    • This is a key precedent
    • This is a key moment in time
    • And you will notice that Judge Contreras had four motions, which I had not got my responses of--responses in opposition entered
    • He did not say we grant your motion to dismiss
    • He said I want to hear I want to hear your responses in opposition to these four motions to dismiss
    • This is bigger than any one civil case
    • This is about using illegal surveillance to gain an advantage, and to attack dissidents, social groups, political groups, groups in opposition, undesirables, deplorables, what-have-you
    • And this is a key moment in American history
    • And as I said before: this will be Dred Scott
    • Every man is Dred Scott
    • If we do not have our fourth amendment: every man is Dred Scott
  • Day 69.1 Who Is Running a Criminal Network Really, Howard Dean? - YouTube
    • It's day 69 and here's the latest news Howard Dean, former head of the DNC, is accusing Trump of running a criminal enterprise out of the White House
    • This to me says the DNC is striking back
    • He is saying Mueller is going to show how President Trump is running a criminal enterprise out of the White House
    • Well that is very odd, because it's actually the DNC that's running a criminal enterprise out of our US Congress
    • And they're using a union--that used to back Howard Dean a great deal called SEIU
    • And they're using a union bank called Amalgamated Bank that runs that union
    • And they're hiring janitors as DEA agents to run game at major universities and high schools
    • All the way down to junior high schools, as well as recruiting criminal ratliners
    • So Howard Dean is probably the last person that should talk about running a criminal network
    • Now I like Howard Dean
    • And I do not believe Howard Dean was involved in running the DNC's game
    • But there is there are elements within the DNC that do run that game, using DEA agents, informants that have had drug territories for years
    • They also recruit their kill teams there, or their dog teams as they call them, out of there
    • And James Comey can tell you all about that
    • And this is outrageous hypocrisy
    • And normally I don't use those words, but Howard Dean--this is outrageous hypocrisy
    • And the more you continue to push the idea that a criminal enterprise is being run out of the White House, the more this is going to boomerang back on the DNC about the criminal enterprise that's being run out of the DNC
    • Now again, I don't want to sully the whole name of the DNC, but there is a criminal enterprise being run by SEIU janitors, under the color-of-law with Andrew McCabe and DEA Bruce Ohr, handing out these DEA franchises as I mentioned before, and I've said all through the series, under this color of law
    • And this Project Cassandra or this operation Cassandra proves it
    • And I've got lots of proof coming
    • So Howard Dean time to be quiet about that
    • Now people make fun of the fact that oh--in Brooklyn and SEIU headquarters over there, George was in trouble
    • Or maybe he wasn't in trouble he's just paranoid
    • Well, you go there you go there and say that their criminal network is being run out of the DNC and SEIU in Brooklyn
    • And see what happens to you
  • Day 69.2 Did I Just Figure Out SEIU Was Running Game Through the DNC? - YouTube
    • It's day 69 this was part 2 and this is your flashback
    • So people say how did you know? How did you know way back then that it was SEIU that was running the drugs
    • And how did you know it was amalgamated bank?
    • Well I didn't know it was Amalgamated bank, Brainy Blonde told me
    • And but I did know it was SEIU,
    • But I just wanted to go back to sixth a 69 one year ago today 2016 still
    • Trump's not president yet
    • This is their in the transition when even before Mike Michael Flynn General Michael Flynn is talking to the Kislyak right
    • It's happening right about this time last year what I'm gonna do is I short I'm shortening the videos to the most interesting part
    • And I'm just gonna squeeze the videos a little bit
    • But I'll give you a little flavor of this with Tyler Drumheller
    • Tyler Drumheller ran the union movement
    • They had union representatives presidents in every country
    • And this was the way he infiltrated Europe
    • And the person who worked for him didn't know about it
    • I don't believe Valerie Plame--she was working the arms side of it
    • So Tyler had the drum Drumheller had the drug side Valerie had the arms side
    • But I'll give you a little flavor of this
    • He's kind of acting as kind of a front for killer for bill that's are--during the impeachment people--he was one of the people who testified
    • This opposition information agent if you will
    • And I don't know if anybody remembers but they were trying to--kind of discredit Bush and maybe Jeb Bush was gonna run
    • In 2007 Sid writes this article that Bush knew that there was WMD
    • And he quotes two CIA agents in in the piece
    • Well the two CIA agents were Tyler Drumheller I remember that name the guy who gave said the plan to topple Libya
    • He's the station's the European chief of the CIA and the other one is if you remember Bush said it's Valerie Plame
    • These were the two CIA agents and this and this article is very famous article
    • And you can see here Valerie Plame meeting last year we got her boss
    • {{ 911bs and that plus her husbands activities were the reason for the Valerie Plame Affair (Bush outing of her (CIA) real identity, thus ending her career as a spy and putting her in great danger) }}
    • So what was she doing in your well it was the
    • So and that's and then the other pieces people say Oh ports
    • You're just picking up the ports
    • Now you're late to the game
    • You really don't you didn't really figure the ports out till recently until June
    • Some people say I didn't figure it out to the day I was did the parallel construction
    • I'll just play a little clip here
    • I just want to say to get this Army of Northern Virginia here yeah absolutely the governor in Virginia yes he has control of a ports of Virginia
    • So now the the general's wife, I believe, Grange's wife runs those ports port of Norfolk Hampton Roads all very storied--Confederate history Navy history kind of place
    • But that could be a gaping loophole for these guns to come back from Iraq
    • And the officers and agents said he wanted McCabe wanted in his quid pro quo for Iraq
    • He didn't want them for Haiti he wanted for Iraq
    • So there you go this is gonna keep coming back over and over
    • And this last year's group of videos and
    • Now we're almost up to 2,000 videos is kind of like file footage--for a newspaper or file footage for like television station now
    • Or a news organization
    • And I'm gonna just keep going back and and pulling clips and to show that this is the same the same operation happening in the United States with SEIU
    • With all the SEIU janitors
    • And the DEA agents who are their kind of handlers or Wranglers or whatever you want to call them
    • The whole thing being the Wranglers being recruited out of the reserve
    • The military reserves--it's going to be the military reserves here in DC, I believe, which is a joint reserve I believe
    • More on that later
    • But this is gonna keep coming back, because what I was talking about about back then never changes
    • Motive and modus operandi never change
  • Day 69.3 Worry Not Rod, We Will Always Have Cassandra - YouTube
    • It's Day 69 part 3
    • And here's rod Rosenstein and the guy standing behind them is the new director of the DEA DEA being a part of the Department of Justice
    • I would think everyone probably knows that Department of Justice DEA
    • But the interesting thing here is when people are talking about Horowitz Michael Horowitz the Inspector General, who's gonna supposedly come in and save the day
    • The changes that you're seeing--the leaks that you're seeing are not coming from Michael Horowitz
    • Or Michael Horowitz's fake investigation, that he supposedly has done over the last year
    • There's been one or two people that are over there in the closet, playing their radio very lowly--so that they could say they had an investigation going if this ever broke
    • But the real driver right now--the real driver right now of this whole investigation is Robert Patterson
    • And the reason I say this well I won't go into too many details but I'll just play a little clip
    • So you get to know him a little bit better
    • {{ClIP, INAUDIBLE}}
    • Before he speaks I just want to say that oh by the way the company that he used transport logistics up there to ship uranium around, (now talk about Rod Rosenstein right now) also had a DEA license, so I wonder if he cracked out on them
    • Now the other thing that the Rod Rosenstein got into a habit of doing was cracking down on a company like McKesson
    • And then Andy McCabe comes around and says, "oh by the way here's a way to get out of it"
    • And then everybody walks when the correct political contribution is made
    • Just kind of funny how that whole good cop/bad cop who has been working with Rosenstein and Andy McCabe a for quite some time and DEA
    • And there's a guy named Ohr over at Department of Justice, I think that's been kind of a middleman on that too, but here's Robert Patterson the guy was actually causing this change
    • {{ Clip continues }}
    • What he's saying there is very important, because what he's saying is we haven't really cracked down on the big boys
    • We've taken out a doctor here, a doctor there, especially whether competing against ours our guys right
    • I'm not saying these are Patterson's guys but I'm saying it over here
    • If there's a drug business where there's two or three we've been very good about taking out the ones that aren't ours
    • This is in those sixty five
    • What Patterson is doing is saying hey I've got this operation Cassandra this a huge huge drug operation going on in Virginia I live in Virginia
    • And my agents are coming forward out of the woodwork, saying, "why isn't this being investigated? And why are we focusing cracking down on doctors who gave three pills or two three pills too many or three pills too few? What the hell is going on with Cassandra?"
    • I could tell you right now Bob Patterson right here is saying Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
    • Cassandra being the surviving daughter from Troy right
    • So this was going to be this Cassandra was going to be the survivor of
    • If any time the Troy would ever burn, right
    • If the feds ever came and burned down Troy, we would still have Cassandra
    • We'd still have our drug operation Cassandra
    • This is what I said before
    • You go get the little guys--you go get the cashiers
    • And Cassandra lives on to keep our business alive
    • It just can't go on anymore you went too far you went too far
  • Day 69.4. Reprisals and Virginia Missing Teens - YouTube
    • It's Day 69 part 4 and we had a lot of really great response Task Force did and she's done all this effort on her video yesterday about the missing kids
    • And we had five people five people come back five five five people come back
    • And this is not I mean, I kept asking Task Force over and over: "are you sure these are reprisals? Are you sure these are reprisals?"
    • I don't want to just write this story and say these girls are from reprisal families
    • And I think the big takeaway was mostly kids are not black--they're white
    • And she said look you're you're reporting something--but it's no it's mostly white kids
    • And that's the first thing that I didn't really know from the 387 that are out there
    • And then you've done a lot of work
    • And I put out a website this morning that had done a lot of work
    • But then also there these people are scared out of their minds!
    • TF: They're terrified. They've already had reprisals against them. Parallel construction--they're terrified.
    • G: And they are whistleblowers
    • I mean that is just the bottom line I I'm not trying to force this story--I had no idea
    • The reason I felt guilty actually about this not reporting this story is I've talked to these folks every night, with the Lyft drivers
    • And--there's all these murders and I'm worried about his spy ring in Congress
    • And I just started feeling like somebody should cover this story
    • It's really the last person to talk about it was--they had the DC girls in in March, for just a little bit of time
    • TF: They went totally dark
    • And now somebody the link I put out this morning showed the spike of how high Virginia is way off the chart way off the chart yours is--you you would agree with that right?
    • TF: per capita it's amazing the amount of children that are missing in Virginia for state this small
    • G: and so so Springfield the Springfield location becomes very important
    • This one two three which is I think is gonna be--sex drugs and rock and roll
    • The rock-and-roll being--that's the pay to play that we get after we we get them hooked on the sex
    • We get them on the drugs
    • And then BOOM--if we don't film them low light camera we'll get them OD'd or something
    • And this Cassandra thing I am almost convinced
    • Well I don't know I'm not tying this to cassandra yet
    • I'm not tying the five reprisals to Cassandra
    • But I think it's the drug business
    • It's the drug business if you talk
    • It's the drug business if you become a problem
    • TF: Right what I've heard over and over again. And what I've seen personally is that if you talk or are a whistleblower or become a problem for the system, one of the ways they can enact reprisals against you is to get CPS or someone else involved to seize your kids, they put them into the system, and you never see them again. That's one of the big ways that they...
    • {{ 911: See the last season of Homeland. Not only did they show FBI fakecrime and grooming, radicalizing, and entrapping muslim kids, it showed the reprisal against the main character trying to do a good thing by taking away her daughter }}
    • G: It's using the government, again, it reminds me of Doug Valentine and the Phoenix project, or DFS in Mexico first, and now DHS here is just use every government department to go after the individual
    • The claw the Falcon the CrowdStrike Falcon--that's just the way it is okay
    • So we're going to DC
  • Day 69.5. Relisha Rudd’s Dad Was An SEIU Janitor at DC General - YouTube
    • Here's a quick update and it shows you why Lyft drivers are a great resource
    • We actually got a Lyft driver
    • She'd never met a Task Force before, but she remembered me from three months ago talking about the Rudd case
    • And I was so angry because I couldn't remember the the husband or the boyfriend or maybe it was the father?
    • TF: it was the father
    • G: it was it was a father shot himself and it was one of those weird suicide Gary Webb type suicides
    • And I thought she said he worked at a hospital
    • He was a janitor at DC General!
    • And the and I told her I said there what what the modus operandi is there's 50 janitors--all honest
    • There's one guy the SEIU janitor and the union president says you got to hire this guy, he's got a drug background, etc, etc
    • And he takes bad half weight quarter weight drugs--just like unit 8 UNITAID in in Africa
    • Supplants those for the good stuff, and sells the good stuff out the back
    • And he was Aquatic Gardens--was he killed at aquatic gardens? right on the DC Maryland line
    • Aquatic Gardens and what was the Kenilworth Avenue
    • It's like Kenilworth like a kennel is worth a lot of money, that you have prized dogs at, but then an "i" instead of an "e"
    • TF: And the child just disappeared without a trace
    • G: Relisha Rudd
    • TF: Relisha Rudd
    • She was she was a girl that we put on the yesterday for the thing
    • And it just so happens we end up getting that the driver who remembered me from three months ago
    • And knew all about the case I mean {{ Shrug }}
  • Day 70.1 - Join the JTTF Deep Dive Surveillance Club, Mr President - YouTube
    • This is Day 70 and this is kind of the flashback quickly back to day 62
    • I said did McCabe target Eric Braverman, meaning did he do a deep dive 702
    • Maybe even added a little bit of human surveillance
    • Well I'm quite sure he did and this is after Braverman shows disloyalty to what Podesta thinks is sort of a code
    • And if you show disloyalty to the Don you get McCabe, you get surveillance, you get the deep dive, and you also get a little human human Intelligence gathering or what we call active surveillance
    • So I had said in this series going back this was a Christmas version last year, but all the way back from day one saying no McCabe's been doing this actually for 20 years for Hillary Clinton
    • And now the other guy I'm going to add to that is this guy named Bill Priestap
    • So for those who don't remember who Bill Priestap is he runs the Counterintelligence division
    • And this was a very famous encounter in March of this year talking about this
    • {{ clip -- what's the nsa doing to stop cyber -- }}
    • And that's where I believe they are lumping in Eric Braverman and sending stuff to WikiLeaks along with potentially Justin Cooper, sending stuff to WikiLeaks and they're calling that Russian interference in the elections
    • So it's a real stretch
    • So here's Mike Rogers now, who's no longer under the thumb of Comey, and maybe got a little bit of breathing now with Mattis, giving him some protection and
    • Now what you've really got is this battle between the FBI and the FBI is infrastructure which they can do their own wiretap
    • And the NSA which can do obviously do signal Intelligence
    • So this is kind of battle going on now and
    • Now we're really resting trying to wrest this capability from the FBI
    • And get it back to where it should belong in the NSA
    • And have the FBI go back to doing warrants, which is the law, rather than what's happened here
    • And if you don't believe that here is the FISA Court this is the famous Contreras 99 page thing--opinion about how the how they've done it
    • How the FBI and DOJ are doing and here they say in October 24th 2016 the government orally--didn't even write it--Apprised the court of significant non-compliance of NSA's minimization procedures
    • This is the masking of people's names like Mike Flynn's names, like my name, like Trump's name, like Mohammed Mohammed's name, going all the way back to 2010--the case I was involved in
    • So this is gonna be kind of the smoking gun
    • Now, in the testimony here Comey says they started this for the President and the people around the president of the 13 or 14 or however many they did a hundred deep dives they did
    • They started that July of 2016
    • Now you remember yesterday, I had talked about the chalupa
    • And I talked about it quite a bit on Twitter
    • I talked about the chalupa on August--late August--that got dropped in the lap of President Obama
    • And it was actually delivered by I believe Alexandra Chalupa
    • Now I think that's a fake CIA name
    • And what the the reason why they give somebody that name is dropping a chalupa on somebody's lap in industry parlance is: you let them know about something about six weeks after it started so they started this surveillance on a broad swath of all the people around Trump
    • And then you drop the chalupa on the person that you want to be you want to make an accomplice
    • Basically you put this hot sticky mess on somebody's--lap, and basically they have to go along with it, otherwise they embarrass the heck out of themselves by standing up and saying this is this is a problem
    • So I do believe the first FISA now was the chalupa drop
    • I do believe Obama did see it on August the 15th
    • Now there's a second chalupa drop, and this is gonna go back to here
    • There's a second chalupa drop, that's gonna happen here
    • Now did Obama sign off on that or not?
    • But this is the chalupa drop that--"hey just thought we'd let--that we're gonna do the transition team"
    • Now that Hilary if Hillary does lose, here's the insurance policy
    • We're going to now do Michael Flynn, and all these other national security people, and we're gonna surveil them
    • So this is the testimony regarding that
    • And you'll see Lindsey Graham ask
    • {{ Clip }}
    • So there is gonna be a record and that record is going to come out before it's all said and done
    • And I'm gonna go ahead and say that Sally Yates has, actually in testimony, wrote a record about how the National Security Division--I think this is going to be--I mean Glenn Simpsons almost acting as a part of the National Security Division with Bill Priestap
    • This name pre staff is going to become very very well-known
    • And this is gonna be I believe Strzok--as I've always said--is a fake
    • I just didn't know if it was Andy McCabe or an underling and
    • Now I'm gonna say it is it is Bill Priestap
    • So everywhere you find Bill Strzok I think is actually gonna be Bill Priestap--it says funny name for Bill Priestap being there
    • And this is going to come out just because you're in the national security of a division, doesn't mean you get this suspend the Constitution doesn't mean you get to suspend the fourth amendment
  • Day 70.2 Is the DNC and the SEIU a Moral Hazard? - YouTube
    • Its Day 70 this is part two
    • And yesterday we covered this Relisha Rudd
    • Talked to several people that were familiar with the case yesterday
    • But this is the most recent press article by a journalist talking about Relisha Rudd
    • And it talks about the disappearance and and relatives who have theories
    • And some relatives even appeared on the Steve Wilko's show, and said the mother was a bad mother, and the mother was giving the child out to this guy named Khalid
    • And I watched the whole thing, and they just basically thought that the mother was prostituting the child for in exchange for drugs
    • And then of course Khalil excuse me ends up dying here in this field not too far from where I'm where I am right now
    • A shot in the head, with his girlfriend also shot in the head,
    • And then no trace of the eight-year-old there
    • And this is Khalid right here
    • This is the SEIU janitor
    • So the point I'm trying to make through this series is he's the SEIU janitor at DC general hospital
    • They turned it into a homeless shelter
    • He's the SEIU janitor there
    • Now the problem is: is that if you start (it's right across the street from the DC prison as well)
    • If you start paying people for the leads if you start paying people to take your child away to walk them into hotel rooms and potentially be prostituted, you start paying people for leads on drugs, or say, "hey here's a here's a way you can make money on the side with drugs or here's what you can make money on the side if you can let us know if anybody's getting sick"
    • If there's an overdose and get them to our Hospital we'll pay you a finder's fee
    • All these things are moral hazards
    • What's known as moral hazards
    • Now I'm not saying the DNC is in the business of moral hazards
    • I'm just saying you don't want any system where you can make more money by calling in somebody who's about ready to die
    • Calling in an overdose and getting that ambulance to go to Georgetown and or MedStar instead of one of the other hospitals--
    • You don't want a system where you make money by prostituting out eight-year-olds
    • You don't want to make money by selling drugs rather than just being a good person and being a leader in the community
    • So that's the point here
    • Now unfortunately, there are times when political parties don't care
    • They just say I want the money {{ Obama: Trump is NOT going to be the next president }}
    • So one of the takeaways here with the DC missing girls is that there's a lot more white girls than black girls missing, which is something I did not know
    • And a lot of them may also be political reprisals--we're gonna go see a couple of them today
    • Some pretty amazing stories
    • But again, this is seeming like it's part of a system
    • It's not it I don't know if it's organ recovery
    • I don't know if it's prostituting these girls
    • I don't know what it is, but it seems like the numbers are 10x here over anyplace else in the country
    • Why? Well it is the nation's capital where there is the most pay to play
    • It is a nation's capital where there is the most political influence as well as judicial influence
    • So the reason why I pick on this case is because of the moral hazard and the SEIU janitor
    • Now's not the time to say I need to put my operatives into a operation
    • There's one bad janitor and there's 50 good guys
    • One bad apple destroys the barrel
    • You can't have a system where you encourage moral hazard, just for the political benefit of contributions to your party
    • What I really want to start doing now is drilling down on the NGP van system, and all the systems at the DNC in this discovery process
    • I want to find out about the system called CATALIST that was outside of the NGP van system it seemed to be focused on SEIU
    • Seemed to be focused on the SEIU operatives in different places in the country
    • Seem to be almost organizing--buses...but
    • But maybe it went beyond that, we don't know I need to find that out
    • And this guy named Harold X who I call an SEIU Beetle
    • This is the kind of the the encrustations on the Democratic Party, that just need to be lost
    • The old days of--throwing people off of roofs and stuff for union tactics are over
    • Maybe they're not, I don't know
    • But we kind of need to move to the to the next level
    • So from now on Khalid[sic]-- KHALIL TATOM you have become the face of the SEIU janitor
  • Day 70.3 If I Had These Conflicts of Interest, I Would Attack Trump Too Trump - YouTube
    • Day 70 your Capitol report the word of the day a phrase of the day is conflict of interest conflict of interest
    • Everyone knows about McCabe'a six hundred and seventy five thousand dollars
    • Was it a dollar for every email? Was it a dollar for every email?
    • Twenty-eight hundred those carefully selected--that small small slice of the pie of Huma' server that will be out a little bit later this afternoon--we'll find that out
    • Let's talk about Bob Mueller though for a minute
    • As far as the Mueller team is concerned, a few blocks away from here
    • Well let's see Bob Mueller himself has secret accounts in the Caymans
    • That's not good when you're in law enforcement: your wealth goes from 1 million dollars to 6 million or seven million dollars in eight years that you're the director of the FBI?
    • That's supposed to be a public servant position, not a public self-serving position
    • We all know about Comey and the whole DLA Piper scheme with his brother, for I guess it's called 'insulation'
    • We all know about US Enrichment Corporation, where all these folks are brought in from Russia and Uzbekistan to drive the trucks
    • What's that all about?
    • We now find that the officer that was so good enough to create a parallel construction on me in Zanesville, Ohio
    • Well it turns out, there's a down-blending plant--There's a uranium down blending plant in Lynchburg, Virginia
    • He didn't tell me he was from Lynchburg
    • He didn't tell me he owned a consulting firm in Lynchburg, Virginia
    • Mr. Pettijohn:
    • No, matter of fact he said he was from Cincinnati
    • Even doctored up a new story there in Cincinatti, to try to convince everybody's from the Cincinnati office
    • He's not!
    • He's from Lynchburg, Virginia
    • So a lot of these things are gonna come out and discovery
    • I can discover records like that
    • If you're a public servant: I'm not going to be able to discover secret records
    • But if you have a secret account in the Caymans, that is outside of the protection of the public privacy laws
    • You can't--unless there's some kind of operation being run, which is probably what they're going to say, you can't color-of-law every crime scheme that is imaginable, and then say well I was just trying to catch some crooks over a 20-year period, and I enriched myself by six million dollars in the process
    • Wouldn't look good if I didn't enrich myself--it doesn't work
    • US Enrichment Corp is not for public servants
  • Day 70.4. DEA HQ, Springfield, VA, Chantilly Lace On Cassandra’s Face - YouTube
    • Day 70 here's your judicial report (man it's cold let me tell you)
    • The Awans: their court date: Whoosht! Gone
    • So does that mean they're now enemy combatants?
    • Did Rogers get ahold of the terabytes going to Pakistan, and then unpack those with the hammer--with the hammer--James Clappers hammer?
    • We don't know
    • I it's kind of a quandary it's a question
    • There's nothing to change on the docket
    • So that's what's odd
    • The calendar changed but the docket didn't change
    • And normally you can't do law or court procedures in secret
    • So something has to hit the docket here pretty quick
    • Second: I've been taking a while to mention this but Cassandra Cassandra Cassandra
    • Where is the headquarters of the DEA?
    • Springfield, Virginia--it's about couple miles--about a mile from the 6313 Thomas drive home
    • {{ GOWDY MODE: }} it's extremely close--(Trey Gowdy would say over there) it's incredibly close
    • To Atif--remember Mohammed Atif--the three guys that went to three amigos that went to Johns Hopkins
    • So we'll have to check that out, as a matter of fact {{ Gowdying }} it's not very far--it's extremely close
    • To Chantilly to Chantilly
    • Where the DEA secret little Cassandra Operation [PROJECT Cassandra] was
    • So if you want to chart on a Google map from Falls Church, Virginia--the CIA car dealership, not my words--I didn't call it CIA car dealership--to DEA headquarters to Chantilly
    • It's a couple miles it's a couple miles
    • This is not going to go away
    • This is going to be discovered
    • The further Mueller goes in the better, because that means we get the more discovery of all the missing pieces
    • The questions are going to continue
    • Why didn't you investigate this eight-year--that doesn't sound like a sting operation to me, that sounds like a business
    • Eight year color-of-law operation with Operation [PROJECT!!!] Cassandra
  • Day 70.5. At the State Department or Is That Tenoe? - YouTube
    • It's day 70 and there is the State Department flag there
    • And there is the famous seventh floor
    • There is the famous seventh floor where Huma and Hillary came out for coffee breaks from the SCIF
    • The Mahogany Row is what they call it--Mahogany row
    • And then they would they would sync with whoever was right down here:
    • Anthony Weiner or whoever was whoever or Imran was driving the the laptop vehicle
    • That's actually how it worked I mean that's how she got the 650,000 emails on there
    • Who was it that had 50 accounts?
    • It wasn't me that accused her of having 50 accounts at the State Department--Huma I'm talking about
    • It was Doug Band from Teneo
    • Teneo you say Teneo I say today-oh
    • Yeah it was Doug Band at Teneo
    • A lot like Tenex
    • A lot like Tenio
    • A lot like TenAm
    • Those are the two Uranium One companies
    • TenAm was the American arm
    • TenEx was the export company
    • Teneo was the pay-to-play company
    • There was that gray line between does she work for the State Department
    • Or does she work for the Clinton Foundation
    • Or does she work for Teneo
    • We don't know we're a little bit topsy-turvy here
    • Today right now, within the next hour, we're gonna wait here, they're gonna go to the seventh floor
    • They're gonna throw out 2800 emails between Hillary and Huma
    • Now how many are there really?
    • There's really 33,000 we know that from FBI documents that said "that's just a small wedge of the Hillary Pie"
    • And of course if you want to talk about the human eye it's about 10 times larger
    • So it's a very very small carefully chosen set of emails to make you think it was just about yoga
    • But it wasn't just about yoga
    • It was about Teneo
    • It was about pay-to-play
    • It was about the Clinton Foundation
    • And we're gonna get to the bottom of it
    • We're not stopping at 2,800 emails
  • Day 70.7. Continuous Unauthorized Access For Nefarious Purposes - YouTube
    • It's Day 70 part 70[sic]
    • And Luke is just out with some interesting tweets
    • They talk about the title of the report for the caucus server
    • When the caucus server--the DCC, the D triple C's server is hacked, there's a report that goes to the house that says, "continued unauthorized access"
    • "Continued unauthorized access"
    • The same time that hack is occurring the hack to the DNC is occurring
    • So they are in the same building
    • So you would know a hack on one side of the house would be a hack on the other
    • It almost reminds me of a "plague on both your households"--{{ Gowdy false start }} "you have a plague on both your households you have a plague on both your households and it says the Awans were responsible"
    • So that I'm guessing that report came out in August or the summer sometime maybe around the time Theresa Gravenstein was looking at it
    • And here again, we're pointing the finger directly at Imran Awan
    • We're saying that there's continued unauthorized access and they state specifically nefarious purposes nefarious purposes
    • {{ FULL GOWDYMODE }} That's not seynding pictures! That's not sending pictures to Pakistan!
    • As Trey Gowdy would say, it's not
    • It's not sending pictures to Pakistan
    • "Nefarious purposes" sounds like Awan-Contra
    • Nefarious purposes sounds like guns for arms for drugs excuse me
    • It sounds like almost like funding terrorism
    • So I saw he copied Donald Trump Jr.
    • I hope Donald Trump jr. makes a big deal about this since they're going after you next Donald Trump jr.
    • And Jared let me just tell you
    • They're going after both of you
    • The best defense is a good offense and the best defense is the truth
    • So the quicker you get the truth out, and get these reports published continue this unauthorized access
    • As soon as you get that report out, the better we're all going to be
  • Day 71.1 Saturday Summary - 30 Watergates Now, 50 Later - YouTube
  • It's Day 70 This is part one.
  • How much news can you pack into one day?
  • First we had the continuous unauthorized access video last night
  • This is where we talked about Luke Rosiak actually quoting from the report
  • We're getting close now on this report for continuous authorized access for nefarious purposes
  • Just in the thumbnail tells the whole story that we need to know the number of pages we need to know the date
  • So pester Luke for the date
  • Pester Luke for the the number of pages
  • Pester Luke for the actual report title because that's what I'm asking for in Discovery
  • And every time you go in to a judge and you say I want the report titled such and such with such and such date right and
  • Now we can go into who saw that report and when
  • That will tell a huge story about the cover-up of the DNC of the DCCC hacks
  • Here we made it to the promised land
  • If you haven't seen this, Trump did say the word Awan {{ 911: incorrect. He tweeted "Pakistani guy who worked for DNC" }}, he did talk about the Pakistani hackers, he did talk about the two servers
  • Julian Assange tweet quoted it and tweeted it this morning
  • So this like I say before when you take thirty water gates, and you have a thirty Watergate story and you Dam it up, it becomes a 50 Watergate story
  • Eventually the floodgates open, and it becomes a 50 Watergate story
  • You hold it back further it'll be a 75 Watergate story
  • Then a 100 Watergate story
  • So the Democrats in the highest echelon Schumer and Schiff can make this into a 200 Watergate story by waiting
  • Cut the bleeding now, open the floodgates let the plains flood and cut your losses
  • That's my recommendation to Shivan Schumer and it's going to sweep them out obviously
  • We had the State Department story the Teneo State Department story
  • About six small children in the mall there across from the State Department
  • About six small children knew or believed this story that there was only 2800 emails and only 5 classified emails
  • About six small children we counted
  • >>>CONT
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  • Applebees on Cap Cir: Karaoke with Amanda Goram. 10pm
  • Birds: Karaoke Hosted By Jumpin Jams. Some of the most diverse and longest running karaoke in town. 10pm
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke with Davin. 10pm
  • Club Downunder: Summer Snow Day. “Everyone is invited to come out and enjoy a snow day in July! Is this summer heat making you nostalgic for cold weather and winter themed everything? Escape the summer heat with us on Union Green! There will be plenty of food to eat, activities to enjoy, and crafts to create.” 4pm/free/all ages
  • Proof: Young Professionals Event. 5:30pm/$25
  • The Wine House on Market Street: Jazz Etcetera at Bastille Day Wine Tasting. $5
  • Gaines Street Pies: Gaines Street Festival Planning Meeting #3. “This is the 3rd meeting for the 6th annual Gaines street fest. If you came to the last one, we'll be talking about progress and changes. If you didn't come out, feel welcome to join us this time. We need you! Everyone is welcome to come out. If you have helped in the past or if this is your first time. If you don’t really have time to help but want to share an idea or voice a concern please come out.” 6pm
  • 117 Beaty Taff Dr, Crawfordville: Sea Turtle Release. “Come join us as we say good bye to 3 more healthy Kemp's Ridley sea turtles! Sandy, Avery, and Peeves will be returning home to the ocean on Thursday, July 14th at 6pm at Shell Point. We hope to see you there!” 6pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: Max Dill, Graham Snuggs, Thomas Hendon. 7pm/$5
  • Black Dog on the Square: Backpacking 101 Workshop. “Whether you’re going out for a weekend trip or setting out for a thru-hike, backpacking knowledge is an essential skill to have when tackling the Florida National Scenic Trail, Florida’s 1,300+ mile long distance trail. Join Camp Folks and Howard Pardue with the Florida Trail Association (FTA) will introduce you to Florida's long-distance trail and will give tips what it takes to hike the Florida Trail. Mike Tucker who is the local FTA guru will highlight areas of the Apalachee Section of the Florida Trail, right in Tallahassee's backyard! Camp Folks owner and experienced backpacker, Julia Hix, will cover different backpacking styles and how to plan ahead for the unexpected, including gear selection, nutrition and food, and trail safety. The Backpacking 101 Workshop is suitable for beginners all the way to advanced hikers and backpackers. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your trail knowledge, so you can make the most of your future trips and be a part of Tallahassee’s hiking community!” 7pm
  • GrassLands Brewery: Big Bend Sierra Club Movie Night. “Come join the Big Bend Sierra Club in celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the National Parks, with the showing of an Ansel Adams documentary, considered the greatest landscape/nature photographer of our time.” 8:30pm
  • Camp Folks: Totally Tubular Fridays. “Spend a Summer's day floating down a lazy river! Every Friday in May, June, and July, Camp Folks will be doing tube runs to Spring Creek, otherwise known as "Bear Paw." Known for its leisurely speed and crystal clear water, Spring Creek and Chipola River, offers one of the most popular tube runs in the North Florida Panhandle. Let Camp Folks to take the wheel as you sit back and enjoy time spent with your tubular river crew! Choose to rent a single (bottom & no bottom), double, or cooler tube at checkout.” 11am-6:30pm
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Karaoke with Big Bob. 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Paul. 8:30pm
  • Just One More: Karaoke with Roger. 9pm
  • 926 Lounge (Formerly Pugs): The Friday Night Party. “Get your pre-game on at Happy Hour with Tom from 4-9 and the dance party getting rolling at 10 pm with our favorite house DJs slinging sound all night long. At midnight, join our talented Queens for an amazing show!” 9pm/$5, $7 under 21/18+
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bill’s): Karaoke with DJ Scott Long. 10pm
  • Stetsons @ The Moon: Karaoke with Johnny Ray. 10pm/$5/18+
  • Park Ave Parks: Breakfast on the Chain. “Join us for our first Breakfast on the Chain bike commuter appreciation breakfast. Because we appreciate you for not driving, we provide breakfast (Doughnut Kingdom doughnuts, muffins, fruit & granola), locally roasted coffee and juice... You provide community around bike commuting.” 7:30am-9:30am
  • Barnes & Noble: Star Wars Night. “Calling fans of Wookiees, Stormtroopers and Jedi Knights! All ages are welcome for a special offer, trivia, bingo, giveaways, cosplay and a learn-to-play Star Wars X-Wing Game event.” 7pm
  • Fire Bettys: Black Cat Bones. 8pm
  • Crum Box Gastgarden: R-Dent // Pathos, Pathos // Doorsmasher // Allijah Motika // An Unkown Artist. 8pm/$5
  • The Warehouse: Dr David Evans / Libby Rae Watson / Belmont & Jones with One-String George. 8pm/$12
  • Junction @ Monroe: Deep Pocket with Jason Taylor. 8:30pm/$10
  • Side Bar: Carrion Curse w/ Urn, Invert The Idols & Shapeshifter Project. 9pm/$7
  • Gamescape: OVERNIGHT PLAY. “Play video games from 9:00 pm Friday, 7/15/2016 until 10:00 am Saturday, 7/16/2016. Free food and drink will be provided while supplies last.” $20
  • Coliseum: Trina. 9pm
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: James Armstrong. 9pm
  • Park at Monroe: The Downtown Marketplace. 9am
  • Corner of Georgia & Macomb: Frenchtown Farmers’ Market. “The Frenchtown Heritage Market offers a wide variety of fresh, naturally grown produce. Live music, cooking demos, fruits vegetables, and honey sold directly by farmers.” 9am – 1pm.
  • Wakulla Springs Lodge: Bob Carey on Piano. “Come on out and bring along your vocal chops, browse through my lyrics book, pick up one of my pass-around mics and sing your heart out, or just grab a stool and enjoy a fun filled evening of music and dancing. Full bar open til late.” 7pm
  • Salty Dawg: Karaoke with Paul. Family friendly! 8pm
  • Leggetts: Karaoke with Cowboy Chris. 9pm
  • El Patron: Pasion Latina. Bachata, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton. 9pm
  • Mint Lounge: Come Out Saturdays. Drag Show and Gay Night. 9pm/18+
  • Down Below (Under Barnacle Bills): Karaoke With Devin. If you want to sing and drink cheap beer and liquor and not have to wait for huge crowds, this is your spot. 10pm
  • 926 Lounge: Sanctuary (formerly Blue Monday). “Tallahassee's Longest Running Dark Dance Night is here again! Wear your finest for Darkwave, EBM, Industrial, and some of your other favorites with some of the best and weirdest people in town. Fetish Friendly.” 10pm/$5/18+
  • Mission San Luis: TOUR Free Day. “Be a Tallahassee T.O.U.R. Guide! T.O.U.R. means Tourism is Our Unlimited Resource. If you spread the word about all the things to see and do in Tallahassee, it means a lot to our local economy. To get your tour guide “training” come to Mission San Luis on July 16 and you’ll get in free. Guests can enjoy participating in primitive weapon activities, faux musket drills, and make-&-take crafts for children. There will be living history demonstrations of blackpowder weapon firing, blacksmithing, period cooking, and more. A food truck will be on site.” 10am
  • Gulf Specimen Marine Lab: Science of the Sea. “Classes are for all ages, with craft activities for children Free with cost of admission.” 1pm
  • Fifth & Thomas: Allijah Motika. 6pm/free
  • The Beehive (119 Westridge Dr): Graham Snuggs ( and Katie Rennick. 7pm/$4/all ages
  • The Moon: John Kurzweg and Larry Mitchell. 7pm/$12
  • Shark Tank: The Areolas/Dog Years/Black Sheep. 7:30pm/$5
  • Junction @ Monroe: The New 76ers with Passerine. 8pm/$15
  • Atmosphere Pub: A Dying Breed // Dustin Blake's GOING AWAY PARTY Extravaganza. 8:30pm
  • Warhorse: BACK TO THE GARAGE Presents NOTS (Memphis, TN - Goner Records) w/ MYAKKA. 9pm/free/all ages
  • Side Bar: Big Business w/ Andy The Doorbum & Dreadship. 9pm/$15
  • Bradfordville Blues Club: Southern Ave. 10pm
  • Lake Ella: Sunday Brunch. “The Spring Concert Series is here! Come out to Lake Ella every Sunday for food trucks and live music!” 11am-2pm
  • Salty Dawg Pub & Deli: The Famous Acoustic Jam w/ Wayne, Glenn, and Bo. Open mic, free beer for performers. 6pm
  • Parlay Sports Bar: Mario Kart Tournament. “Join us on Sunday July 17th for our first Mario Kart Tournament! If you're a little rusty, don't worry, you can stop by anytime and practice, we've got everything hooked up and ready to go, and you can play anywhere in the bar...and on Sundays you can even play it on the big screen (sports events permitting of course)! First place wins a $100 bar tab, and second place wins $50!” 1pm
  • The Pyramid Retreat Center: Full Moon Gathering. “We are honored to facilitate this collaborated event with beautiful individuals from the community to facilitate deep healing, connection, and self-discovery. Come join us at the sacred temple to admire the gorgeous moon in her fullness as we enjoy a swim in the fresh water spring along with yoga, dance, sound healing, storytelling, medicine songs, and drum circle.” 4pm
  • Junction @ Monroe: Pure Platinum Live Recording & Dance Party. 6pm/$7
  • Shark Tank: Boosegumps // Microsoft Saint // Honeyuck // Naps. 8pm/$5/all ages
  • Burrito Boarder: Bar Trivia With Hank. $30 food & bar tab for first place. Specials on shots and $2 margaritas. 7:30pm
  • Waterworks: Patio Theater. 8:30pm/21+
  • Junction @ Monroe: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! & Supervixens: A Trash Cinema Double D Double Feature! “Gang, I could not recommend you come out and join us more for an evening's entertainment you will not get anywhere else. Shake those Monday blues right out of your pants or panties as you sit back with a bottle of your favorite ice cold adult beverage, a bucket of fresh popped popcorn and feast your eyes on a parade of bountiful, glorious vixens served up from the lusty table of Russ Meyer! I'll see you there!” 7:30pm/$5
Keep checking back, sometimes I update. Got anything to add?
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2016.07.01 19:36 AKCHR [HIRING] Digital Content Editor

The American Kennel Club has long been the trusted resource for information, products and services that promote the well-being of dogs and enrich the lives of their owners. The company is currently going through an exciting growth phase. This position offers the opportunity to be part of this exciting transformation.
The candidate will be charged with establishing the voice and direction of content for AKC web properties. The content editor will be expected to oversee the execution of all content. This person should be well versed in dog ownership and have an insatiable drive for breaking stories and finding unique ways to talk about issues trending around the internet. This is a fast-paced work environment; the ability to be scrappy while maintaining superb editorial standards is essential.
Requirements • Degree in journalism, English, marketing, digital media, or related field • 2+ years’ experience as an editor at a digital publication or high-volume publisher • Familiar with SEO content production • Excellent written and verbal communication skills • Expert-level knowledge of AP Style, grammar, and punctuation rules • Experience with all social media platforms, a CMS similar to Wordpress, and Photoshop • Expertise in social media and other content distribution is desirable • Video production (videography and post production) is desirable • Basic HTML skills
To apply, please visit our job portal
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2016.06.15 17:09 AKCHR [HIRING] Social Media Manager

The American Kennel Club is looking for a Social Media Manager to join our dynamic fast-growing marketing team. The Social Media Manger will be responsible for growing and engaging our 3.5 million + followers on all of our social channels. This role will give someone the chance to grow a team and scale our social media production and strategy. The Social Media Manager will also be responsible for content development and community management.
*must have 2-3 years experience working on social media for a publisher
*dynamic & energetic personality who is capable of working well under pressure
*attention to detail
*creative personality
*proven knowledge in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube
For more information and to submit your resume and cover letter, please visit the AKC job portal
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2016.05.17 20:40 AKCHR [HIRING] Social Media Manager

The American Kennel Club is looking for a Social Media Manager to join our dynamic fast-growing marketing team. The Social Media Manger will be responsible for growing and engaging our 3.5 million + followers on all of our social channels. This role will give someone the chance to grow a team and scale our social media production and strategy. The Social Media Manager will also be responsible for content development and community management.
*must have 2-3 years experience working on social media for a publisher
*dynamic & energetic personality who is capable of working well under pressure
*attention to detail
*creative personality
*proven knowledge in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube
For more information and to submit your resume and cover letter, please visit the AKC job portal
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2016.03.12 21:48 Fellgnome [Discussion] Weekend - Breed: Siberian Husky

Past discussions and info:
All info and links below submitted by u/Synaxis

Siberian Husky


Height: Bitches 20-22in, dogs 21-23.5in Weight: Bitches 35-50lbs, dogs 45-60lbs Lifespan: 12-14 years Eyes: Various shades of blue or brown, one of each, or a mix of both. Eye color is of no importance. Colors: A very wide variety; the breed is not judged on color and markings. Most commonly black and white, gray and white, red and white, and solid white. Coat: The breed has a soft, dense, downy undercoat and a slightly longer coat of coarse, weather-resistant guard hairs. The coat is of medium length with no notable feathering on the legs, undercarriage, or tail. Notably, the ears are thickly furred both inside and out. The breed sheds some all year long, but worse twice a year when they blow their undercoat. Trimming of the hair between the paw pads is optional, no other trimming is necessary. A longhaired coat does occur; these dogs are referred to as 'woolly' and are characterized by excessive length of hair throughout the body and prominent feathering on the legs, undercarriage, and tail. These dogs often lack the coarse texture of guard hairs that provides the dog with weather resistance and the long, soft hair found on more extreme woollies often results in the dog collecting snowballs in the coat. This is a very undesirable coat and should not be intentionally bred.


The Siberian Husky is a highly intelligent breed, perfectly capable of learning new tasks and ideas in relatively few repetitions when adequately motivated and often delighting in the opportunity to practice their problem solving skills. They do not have the innate desire to obey as many other breeds do and will learn and perform tasks and commands only when they feel the reward is worth the effort. The keen willingness to disobey or pretend to be deaf when it suits them makes any sort of off-leash activity ill advised.
The Siberian Husky was bred to live, mingle, and work in a large group of dogs and people. Aggression toward dogs or humans is very uncharacteristic of the breed and extremely undesirable. The breed has no tendency to guard the home or family and seldom alerts to things occurring outside the home. The Siberian Husky should be amicable and outgoing, confident and self-assured with no hint of timidity or softness. The breed does possess a very high prey drive so caution is advised to homes with cats, chickens, or other small pets. They are notorious escape artists and will often test any fence or boundary put in front of them.
The breed's history as a long-distance working dog means they typically have very high exercise requirements. A tired husky is a happy husky, and one who is not adequately exercised is likely to get into all kinds of mischief, especially when home alone. However, well bred Siberians should possess the ability to develop a reliable off switch when needed.
Despite its cheerful and outgoing disposition, the Siberian Husky is not typically well suited to inexperienced dog owners due to its high exercise need and willful nature.


The Siberian Husky is thankfully a very robust, very healthy breed with few hereditary health concerns. The most notable concern in the breed is with heretable eye diseases, primarily juvenile cataracts, but also X-linked progressive retinal atrophy, corneal dystrophy, and primary glaucoma. All Siberians should undergo a full eye exam by a board certified opthalmologist prior to being bred, ideally annually.
Hypothyroidism is a relatively new concern but does occur in the breed. At this time it is not currently listed as a prerequisite test for breeding but this may soon change. Siberian Huskies have among the lowest incidence of hip dysplasia among all breeds, but potential breeding dogs should also have hips graded and cleared. Idiopathic epilepsy occurs in the breed. Siberians are one of three breeds currently thought to inherit some form of disorder which negatively affects zinc absorption, resulting in Zinc Responsive Dermatosis.


The Chukchi Dog

As the name implies, the Siberian Husky's origin is rooted in the tundra of northeastern Russia. Known as the Chukchi dog, the predecessors of the modern Siberian were the working dogs and companions of the native Chukchi people that inhabited the Chukotka penninsula. These dogs were invaluable to the humans that kept them, as they were selectively bred for millenia to neatly occupy an essential function of tribal life. They may have been used occasionally to help keep and tend the reindeer herds maintained by the villages of the interior of the penninsula, and it's not too far-fetched to believe they were occasionally used to help hunt.
The Chukchi dogs were definitely valued companions of their people though, being of sweet and reliable enough temperament to sleep in the beds of their masters' children and provide them with valuable warmth on freezing winter nights. Above and beyond even that function, however, is what we know the modern Siberian Husky for today: their talent in harness.
The Chukchi needed a dog they could rely on to work together as a team to pull a light to moderately laden sledge a healthy distance at good speed. The dogs made it possible for coastal fishing villages to interact and trade with the interior reindeer herding villages and made longer trips into the tundra or along the coast in pursuit of food, fur, or other supplies a practical endeavor. To do this work, these dogs needed to be sound, hardy dogs with good bone, tough feet, a dense, weather-resistant coat, and most importantly of all, a sound mind.
All of these traits made Chukchi tribes' dogs essential to their survival as a people.

The Siberian Husky

In late 1908, a Russian fur trader by the name of William Goosak imported a team of dogs from the Anadyr delta region of Siberia to Nome, Alaska with the intent of running them in the 1909 All-Alaska Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes was the premier dogsled racing event at the time, spanning a distance of over 400 miles and offering a prize of $10,000 to the winner. Goosak's dogs were immediately and heartily dismissed as serious competitors due to their small stature and light build compared to the local malamutes. It took a great deal of convincing for him to find a musher willing to drive the team. To the great surprise of everyone but Goosak, this team of "Siberian rats" finished a respectable third.
That summer, 60 more Siberians were imported by a wealthy Scotsman and these were divided into three teams for the 1910 Sweepstakes, in which these teams finished first, second, and fourth. It was becoming clear to many that there was some value in these dogs. Among those who saw the value in them was the Norwegian man Jafet Lindberg, who bought a team of the best Siberians he could find in Alaska in late 1913 to take his good friend on an expedition to the North Pole the following year. Leonhard Seppala was set to the task of training and preparing these dogs for the expedition. The trip was canceled just a few weeks after the dogs arrived in Seppala's care. He kept them and went on to win many races with them, including the last three All-Alaska Sweepstakes.
In 1925 the town of Nome, Alaska became the site of a diptheria outbreak. The town did not have a ready supply of usable antitoxin, but a supply enough to hold the epidemic at bay was found in faraway Anchorage. Safety concerns and winter weather prevented the serum from simply being flown to Nome, so it was instead packed onto a train from Anchorage to Nenana and from Nenana, it was dutifully relayed to Nome by way of dog sled.
20 mushers and over 150 dogs were involved in this project, covering 674 miles in under five and a half days, much of it done in blizzard conditions. Among those mushers was Leonhard Seppala and his Siberian Huskies, led by 12 year old Togo, and Seppala's colleague Gunnar Kaasen, driving a team of dogs from Seppala's kennel led by Balto.
With the media frenzy that followed, there were demands to see the dogs and so Gunnar Kaasen traveled with his team and Balto from Alaska to various cities in the contigious United States. Eventually, Kaasen was recalled to Alaska and left his dogs behind, where they ultimately retired to the Cleveland Zoo. Seppala then also toured the country with his dogs, including the aging Togo.
In New England, Seppala was invited to race against Arthur Walden, who was a celebrated musher in the region and the foundation breeder of the Chinook. Seppala handily defeated Walden and his Chinooks in this race and repeated this performance several times more in races throughout New England. His wins drew interest to the Siberian Husky and a former Chinook breeder named Elizabeth Ricker formed a kennel in Maine, which Seppala regularly supplied with dogs. All of the registered Siberian Huskies today draw their roots either from the Seppala-Ricker kennel in Maine or the kennel of Harry Wheeler of Quebec, with whom Seppala had left his remaining dogs when he returned to Alaska permanently in 1932.
The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Siberian Husky as a breed in 1930 and the first breed standard was published in 1932. It is now recognized and found in all corners of the globe.


  • There is a bronze statue of Balto in Central Park in New York City and his body is stuffed and displayed at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.
  • Siberian Huskies were one of the first breeds utilized by the US as military working dogs before the military even had a formal training program for military working dogs. In 1942, such a program was created and the Siberian Husky made the list of the 7 breeds that would be utilized. They were typically used for pack and sledge work.
  • Siberian Huskies were used by Admiral Robert Peary in his expeditions to the North Pole as well as by Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd in his Antarctic expeditions.
  • Siberians are an ancient breed, having been selectively bred for thousands of years before the concept of distinct pure breeds even existed.
  • Though most spitz breeds typically have a characteristic curly tail, a tail that snaps to or touches the back of the dog is considered a fault. When relaxed, the tail of the Siberian Husky should hang straight down and may be carried in a sickle when alert or in motion.
  • Only one Siberian Husky has ever won the Westminster dog show. That was Ch Innisfree's Sierra Cinnar in 1980.


Breed Standard Parent Club - US Parent Club - CAN Breed Rescue - US
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2015.11.12 07:36 BetterBully Veterinarian speaks out concerning Bulldog health problems

When three Bulldogs came in to her emergency clinic in respiratory distress in just two weeks, Dr. Meredith Kennedy decided she had finally had enough. Two of those dogs died.
Kennedy, who practices in Arroyo Grande on California's central coast, intends to start a Web site with the help of other veterinarians to warn prospective pet owners about potential health problems linked to English Bulldogs.
It's not that no one should own the breed, she says. It's just that those thinking of acquiring a purebred Bulldog should know that a dog with such a flat, wrinkled face might have trouble breathing, particularly if it becomes overweight. Also, joint problems like arthritis are common as well as reproductive issues. It seems that English Bulldogs often cannot be bred without artificial assistance and surgical delivery of the puppies.
“Bulldog owners are sometimes shocked and dismayed at how high-maintenance these dogs are, and they are not prepared for the high cost of corrective surgeries and ongoing medication and health care,” Kennedy says.
The Bulldog, renowned for its quiet, affectionate disposition, has become hugely popular in recent years. In 1973, the Bulldog was the 41st most popular registered breed in the country, according to the American Kennel Club. But in 2007, it cracked the top 10 most popular breeds and last year, ranked No. 8.
In Los Angeles, the Bulldog is the second most popular breed, after the Labrador Retriever. In Boston, the Bulldog comes in third and No. 5 in Chicago.
Kennedy says she thinks the breed has been debilitated by show standards that reward exaggerated features like the flat face and large head. She notes that Bulldogs can have such trouble breathing that many cannot exercise normally or even ride in a car that might get warm.
When Kennedy posted a message on the Veterinary Information Network about the three dogs seen in her clinic, her story prompted a flurry of responses in just matter of days. More than 25 other veterinarians chimed in, most agreeing strongly with Kennedy’s observations and plan.
Some suggested that veterinarians should refrain from artificially inseminating the dogs. Others discussed the ethics of routinely and automatically spaying the dogs when they performed a C-section. A few wrote that Bulldog problems should be brought to Oprah Winfrey, since she is interested in dogs and her show is so influential.
Kennedy intends to make it clear that her Web site is produced by veterinarians, a distinction she considers to be highly persuasive because it is not often that the professionals who stand to make a living from something seek to dissuade potential customers.
“It means really that the problems are so significant and serious that I, as a veterinarian, am declining to make money off of it,” she says in an interview with the VIN News Service. “I am telling you not to do this thing, even though I stand to make a lot of money.”
Many aficionados of the Bulldog welcome any effort to educate the public.
Skip Van Der Marliere of Southern California Bulldog Rescue says the dog has become popular because it is a status symbol. When the economy was good, people had disposable income, and Bulldogs are “probably one of the most expensive dogs out there,” he says.
A Bulldog puppy can cost as much as $4,000, although general prices hover around $2,000, he says.
Unfortunately, the people who buy these trendy puppies often do not know what a healthy Bulldog is, and they get taken in by disreputable breeders who mate dogs that never should have offspring. Several English Bulldog pet insurance plans offer protection against common bulldog ailments but for most Bulldog owners, their dog is already sick or injured by the time they find out about pet insurance, disqualifying the dog for coverage.
Van Der Marliere says he attends the Bulldog Beauty Contest, which has been held in Long Beach for the past five years. The contest, which has no conformation standards, draws more than 300 competitors. He runs into many dogs that rasp and huff when they breathe and estimates that a quarter of those dog owners are unaware that the sound is abnormal and unhealthy. He sees a lot of uncorrected cherry eye as well.
He has to tell the owners these are problems and can be surgically corrected.
The surge in popularity and the prices the dogs sell for is drawing in many disreputable breeders, says Elizabeth Hugo-Milam, chair of the Bulldog Club of America’s health committee. Bulldogs are even being imported from breeders oversea.
“You have ridiculous people breeding dogs who shouldn’t even own one,” she says. “You have buyers who are not being careful and so the breeders are not careful. It’s just a mess.
“I am just heartbroken about the way things are going,” she adds.
Hugo-Milam says public education is critical. She believes that if the public can identify healthy Bulldogs, they will not buy unhealthy dogs and help drive the irresponsible breeders out of the market.
“It is a terrible cycle of a lot of ignorance,” she says.
Objective evidence of breed health generally is not extensive and the frequency of health problems in the breed is not known exactly. The Bulldog community gives different impressions concerning the prevalence of adverse health conditions.
According to the report from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), a survey by the United Kingdom Kennel Club found that the median life expectancy of a Bulldog is less than seven years, compared to 13 years for a Labrador Retriever. K9 Magazine reported in 2007, that annual veterinary costs for a Bulldog were twice that of a Labrador Retriever.
The report also says, “There is little doubt that the anatomy of the English Bulldog has considerable capacity to cause suffering.”
Van Der Marliere says that in Bulldog rescue he sees many unhealthy dogs, often with three common problems: elongated soft palate, luxating patella and entropion. These issues are so prevalent it's referred to as “the blue plate special,” he says.
Van Der Marliere notes that very few Bulldogs end up with his rescue organization, so he does not necessarily see a cross-section of the general dog population. Yet he estimates that 50 percent of the dogs his organization takes in need some kind of corrective surgery.
On the other hand, Hugo-Milam says there are many healthy Bulldogs that can run and cavort as well as any dog. Health problems in show dogs were common 20 years ago, she says, but that is not permitted anymore and the quality of show dogs has greatly improved.
The Bulldog Club of America’s (BCA) health committee has been trying to get breeders to have dogs that they intend to mate radiographed for tracheal diameter. Hugo-Milam says that many have thought brachycephalic airway syndrome is practically a feature of the breed. But, in collecting cases, they have been pleasantly surprised to not find that is not the case. Many dogs have a tracheal width that is no different from any other dog of that size, he says.
The committee also wants to have dogs certified that they do not have luxating patellas before they are bred. Hugo-Milam says the problem could easily be cleared from the breed with that kind of certification.
In Great Britain, Bulldog show standards might be changed because of allegations that the breed is not well. A faction of the public there has been in an uproar concerning the health of pedigree dogs for the about past nine months, with English Bulldogs in the forefront.
The heated discussion in Great Britain began when the BBC broadcast a documentary called "Pedigree Dogs Exposed." The documentary, which took two years to produce, aired in prime time. It featured Cavalier King Charles Spaniels with syringomyelia, show German Shepherds with abnormal gaits and English Bulldogs, among others.
The show blamed the United Kingdom Kennel Club for promulgating show standards for breeds that bred inherent health problems and claimed the standards had provenance in the principles of the now discredited eugenics movement that was embraced by the Nazis. It particularly criticized the practice of breeding closely related dogs.
The controversy did not stop there. Rather, it focused attention on a study published in May 2008, in which a group at Imperial College, London, investigated the lineage of more than 100,000 dogs registered by the United Kingdom Kennel Club using a rigorous technique to characterize genetics. They reported that of ten breeds investigated, all but one (Greyhound) appeared to be extremely inbred. For all but two of the breeds, the amount of genetic variation was similar to that of a population of 40 to 80 individuals. The English Bulldog’s effective population size was 48 individuals (Genetics 2008;179:593-601).
Then, in December, the BBC announced that because of the firestorm unleashed by the documentary it was not going to broadcast the United Kingdom Kennel Club’s premier dog show, Crufts, for the first time in 40 years. A number of other important sponsored pulled out as well.
Finally, in February, the RSPCA published a 76-page, scientific report on pedigree dogs. The report concluded that there was good reason to be concerned about the health of pedigreed dogs and called for an end to the practice of breeding closely related dogs.
Because of the controversy, the United Kingdom Kennel Club has announced some major reforms to breed standards to ensure that they promote healthy dogs. For the Bulldog, the new standards are going to require the breed to be leaner and will no longer encourage heavy jowls and deep, overhanging wrinkles.
The British situation has spilled onto U.S. shores somewhat, although not with the same resonance. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) used the situation to lobby the USA Network not to broadcast the Westminster Kennel Club’s annual dog show. PETA was unsuccessful.
Capitalizing on the BBC documentary, ABC News Nightline went to the Westminster show in February and aired a show focused on health problems in pedigree dogs.
The show opened with a shot of the Bulldog ring and noted that the dogs were being sprayed with cool water. A handler interviewed said: “In the heat and the lights of the show, they can overheat and actually go down in five minutes. They have, instead of a long snout where it’s an open airway, it’s smashed like a Coke can and the breathing has to go through many, many curves and many turns.”
The show also quoted Ed Sayers, president of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, talking about the fact that many Bulldogs need artificial insemination to breed. “If an animal can’t reproduce, that’s obviously a message that it’s headed for extinction.”
Nancy Rose Newcomb, DVM, a Bulldog show judge and a member of the BCA’s health committee, says that would be a terrible shame. She is worried about the current popularity of the Bulldog and how it is fostering unconscionable breeders, and she would support any effort by fellow veterinarians to educate the public about the health problems common in Bulldogs. But she also says they are unique, worthy dogs.
“They’re just such loving dogs,” she says. “They don’t have any purpose anymore except to love their owners, and that’s what they do.”
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