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[Table] I made a free alternative to Photoshop, that is used by 7 million people. Ask me Anything!

2020.09.21 00:52 500scnds [Table] I made a free alternative to Photoshop, that is used by 7 million people. Ask me Anything!

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I understand that people are always hesitant to answer this very specifically, but I'm always curious - given 7 million visitors, what your ballpark profit? And what's the ratio of the profit-to-expenses, which I assume is mostly server hosting costs as a one man operation? Most of my profit comes from ads. I make around 5 cents for every hour someone spends in Photopea (on average). In 2019, people spent 5 million hours working in Photopea, so I made around $250,000. I hope it could be 2x to 4x more this year :)
Photopea runs completely in your computer (after loads, you can disconnect from the internet and use it offline). I use only a file hosting, for which I pay around 50 USD a year.
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How is that possible to only pay 50 USD/year when you get ~7 million people in a month and your site is 1.8mb. That's around 12tb/month. I don't know of any host willing to do 12tb of data for $50/12 I don't understand it either :/ I will ask my hosting provider.
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Don’t! :) I already did :)
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I'm glad you have a subscription option. As a policy I don't turn my adblocker off, but I'll totally subscribe as your rates are quite reasonable! If you're around and don't mind answering, how many subscriptions do you have? There are hundreds of people paying for Premium :) so about 0.01% of all users :)
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How much do you think you're losing out because of adblockers? It is hard to tell, maybe between 10 to 40 percent :/
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You should implement a donation feature as well, to offer more ways for users to support you. People can already order a Premium. I think it is better to get something in return (removing ads), so anybody who wants to support us can do it :)
First of all, thank you for making a great alternative. My question is, how would you compare Photopea to The Gimp in terms of features and interface? The interface of Photopea is closer to Photoshop than GIMP (so it is more comfortable to Photoshop users). I think all you can do in GIMP you can do in Photopea, but with a different workflow. You can open GIMP files (XCF) in Photopea.
There are many advanced features in Photopea, that are not in GIMP. The most important is probably the full support of a PSD format.
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Have to confess I'd never heard about this software until reading your post, but your mention of the PSD feature makes me want to check it out immediately. I admire your determination, dedication, and skills. Thank you :)
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Does it support vectors better than Photoshop? I don't like how limited it is in Photoshop. Even illustrator is annoying Photopea can open SVG and PDF images better than Photoshop. Just try it!
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Thank you for your program. I use it to make memes and do photoshopped things! You are welcome! I am happy that Photopea is useful to you :)
How did you learn how to make software? I was interested in computers since I was 14. I was studying computer science at the university between 18 and 25 years of age.
I studied theoretical computer science at the Charles university in Prague. Finishing the university was probably the hardest thing in my life (I do not enjoy learning as much as I enjoy creating stuff). But I also think it was the most valuable and productive part of my life and I am very proud of it :)
Here to say I've been using it, maybe the only white listed site on my ad-block. What was the hardest part to implement? The advanced foreground selection was quite hard. It is used e.g. in MagicCut. I wanted to reach the quality of (where you pay $2 per image), but it still does not work that well.
Anyway, I think MagicCut works better than all other free tools and many commercial tools, so it can save you a lot of money :)
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You should look at U-2 Net a recently released paper with code that has amazing results I know quite a lot about this research :) The problem is, that people use Photopea for free, so it would have to run on their computers. They would have to download a 200 MB network, and unless they don't have a $2000 GPU, they would have to wait for hours to do such foreground / background detection.
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From the paper: "To facilitate the usage of our design in computation and memory constrained environments, we provide a small version of our U2-Net, called U2-Net† (4.7 MB). The U2-Net† achieves competitive results against most of the SOTA models (see Fig. 1) at 40 FPS." Unless there's something similar but better or they're outright lying, 4.7 MB sounds like an extremely reasonable memory footprint and it's pretrained so nobody's going to max out their GPU. You might want to give it another look. Wow, that sounds great, I will put it into my issues:
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Not 100% sure, but a GPU is needed to train the network (which can take hours) and the trained networks usually do things in seconds or even faster. Users would still need to download the network, but it wouldn't be very computationally expensive. Such trained network can process the input in seconds on the GPU. If you process the input of the network on a CPU (even with multiple cores), it can take minutes or even hours. And training on a CPU can take weeks :)
I use Photopea regularly when developing web sites. I don't have to fire up my VM or limit myself to GIMP or Krita. The third most popular tech magazine in the Czech Republic, Letem světem Applem, was developed with the help of your tool. Díky! My question: will you ever open-source Photopea, at least partially? Hi, thanks a lot!
A huge part of Photopea is open-sourced and available at
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I'm scared to even open that repo 😂. What hosting provider are you using that can handle 5 million users in a year? I have a local hosting provider from the Czech Republic. It is just distributing HTML, CSS and JS files (no server-side computations like PHP or SQL databases), so it is not that hard.
Hi! Two questions 1. Does photopea have support for RAW photo files of varying cameras? (.ARW for example) 2. Why do you think Adobe charges so much for their platform when your model is clearly fairly simple to produce (if one person can do it alone) and functions profitably? Hi! Yes, Photopea can open .DNG, .CR2, .NEF and .ARW files :)
There are programs that are much more expensive than Adobe products :) It is hard to tell, but I think it is because there are no reasonable alternatives, or the alternatives are not known very well.
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As a Fuji user, .RAF support coming at some point? Hi, the .RAF format was invented by Fuji and has never been publicly described anywhere. I tried to ask Fuji to provide a description of their format, so that I can implement it into Photopea, but nobody replied :(
I think Fuji does not want you to open their files in any other software than their software.
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I don't think fuji has their own editing software, most people use either Capture One or Lightroom, or Irident X-Transformer to convert into a DNG Photopea can open DNG without any problems :) but it is a real pity they don't store it in DNG directly.
I just discovered this software and it is bloody amazing. As a hobby animator, I'm wondering - Do you have any plans, or have you at least thought about, making an animation software in the same way you have achieved this? Something like Adobe Flash/Animate or Toon Boom Harmony. (I'm already sold on your idea for a video editor, since Davinci Resolve's free version has NEVER been able to render videos for me without crashing) There is a distinct lack of reasonably priced animation software that achieves nearly as much as these two ridiculously expensive subscription programs, without sacrificing something really important to animation. The closest thing to achieving what Animate or Harmony has is Blender's new 2d animate mode, and even then, you have to sacrifice convenient features like easy tweening. An alternative free (or one-purchase) animation software would make me - and so many other people happy. Now that I know this software exists, I'll be sure to donate to its production. Thanks! You are not the first one asking for this :) I wish I could make so many tools, but I am afraid my life is too short for all that work :D
If I manage to make a good team of programmers in the future, I would love to make such animation software.
Is there a comprehensive guide I can find for all the tools in photopea? I’m new to photo editing and still confused by the interface. Photopea is an advanced editor and it is hard to learn simply by using it. I wrote a manual here: .
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You made documentation? What kind of unholy programmer from the abyss are you? Don’t let our bosses find out or we’re screwed. I made it after several years of explaining people how to do things in emails, etc :) Now, I can simply send them links to my documentation. It took me less than a week :D
I love using photopea! I open it almost daily. Is there a way to review the source and contribute pull requests? Have you thought about providing an offline or self-hosted release? Thanks! The open-source parts of Photopea are published on our GitHub: . We provide a self-hosted versions for money, as it needs to be updated regularly.
How would you compare it to photoshop? Photopea has about 90% of features of Adobe Photoshop, but there are some features of Photopea that Photoshop doesn't have (e.g converting PDF, SVG, Sketch, XD, Figma to layered PSD documents).
Also, only Photoshop and Photopea fully support the PSD format, so I think Photopea is the best alternative to Photoshop at the moment.
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What do you think about GIMP? GIMP is great, but it can not work with PSD files properly. Also, the interface is quite different from Adobe Photoshop, and it is hard to use for former Photoshop users.
Do you pronounce it photo-pea, or photo-pee-ah? I pronounce it Photo-pea, but most of people pronounce it photo-pee-ah.
It is probably the most asked question in our subreddit :) /photopea.
EDIT: I did a quick search and here is what I found :)
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Good to know I got its pronunciation right :D I like photos and I like peas. What made you call it photopea? I wanted it to be PhotoSomething, and I wanted a domain . Most of domains were occupied, until I found Pea :)
Not a question, but I just want to put this out there for all the non-developers, but the fact that Photopea was created by a single programmer is absolutely astounding. As a developer myself, I cannot fathom the productivity of this developer nor have I ever met someone that could be this productive. Teams of 10-20 developers could not match the functionality and feature list of photopea. And actually, here is a question after all, have you ever recorded or livestreamed yourself coding? I'm having a hard time imagining the pace required to be this productive. Do you have an estimate of the number of hours you have put into this? Hi, thanks a lot! I think I put between 15 000 and 20 000 hours into Photopea :) I never recorded myself programming, but most of it is just staring into the wall thinking, opening Youtube or Reddit from time to time (to "relax" a bit), and I writing code once in a while :)
Any chance your program can export files to work with a cnc machine? Sure, just tell me what format does that machine accepts? Is than an open format? Can you use e.g. an SVG?
Manufacturers often create their proprietary formats to make you dependent on their software.
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G-Code is pretty common, although I'm unsure as to what Z-axis information you would capture in an image format unless it was texturized somehow and interpreted that as topography? Maybe like the color coded images to show 3 dimensions in a planar view. I know lasewaterjet cutting and similar that do 2D operations typically ask me for a DXF file or equivalent. I've never used Photopea for this (or even tried) but typically I take a vector format and import into CAD software to generate a DXF for this purpose. I know my media guy can never get me a format I need to import a logo and such for mechanical design. A DXF or similar vector would be amazing if it doesn't exist already. Hi, would you be able to write this into our GitHub? . And most importantly, would you be able to discuss it there with me, if I have any questions? I never worked with any CNC machine.
Hi !! Can I know about your backend ? There is a webhosting which stores one HTML, one CSS and several JS files. Photopea is written in Javascript and runs completely in a computer of the visitor.
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Have you used any frontend frameworks? No, I wrote my own Javascript, HTML and CSS. I usually prefer to use what I know, instead of learning how to use new tools :)
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How do you handle users that pay for premium? There must be some sort of database right? Yes, there is a database. I just wanted to say, that out of these 7 million people, the database is needed maybe for a hundred of them.
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Not without dinner first Take my upvote, too :)
Are there any new browser features or HTML features that will make your code a lot simpler? I would love if browsers let Photopea know, when Ctrl+T was pressed on the keyboard. People have been using the Ctrl+T shortcut in Adobe Photoshop for decades and almost every week, someone asks why it does not work in Photopea.
At the moment, when you press Ctrl+T in any browser, it opens a new tab (panel), and a we can not do anything about it :( I have been personally arguing about it with browser developers for over five years.
"Fighting" with browser developers is quite a big part of my work, which is quite sad :(
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When in fullscreen Ctrl+T works in both Chrome and Edge, it triggers the transform tool. Maybe prompt the user to switch Photopea to fullscreen ? The website feels like a standalone app so it makes sense to get rid of the browser UI anyway. I think the Ctrl+T should be usable even when not in the fullscreen mode.
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I'm sure you must've researched this thoroughly over the years but maybe stackoverflow seems to have a couple good answers on disabling new tab shortcut keys. Maybe have a look? Esp these 2: 1 - - you could make your own extension and then make that extension do the "Free Transform"? 2 - I'm no good at js but maybe have a look... I guess I could also just make my own web browser and ask users to install it :D
How about a Desktop version? That'd be great! You can go to and press More - Install Photopea. It will add an icon to your homescreen, which will start Photopea without the browser UI. But it works only in the latest Chrome, Edge and Opera.
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What Api does that? Seems chromium only but i wouldn't care. Never heard of that. It is called PWA - progressive web apps, and the app can trigger the installing process
What are your plans for the video editor, and how can I keep up to date on its progress? (video editor here that loves what you did with photopea) I do not have any specific plans about the video editor yet. You can follow Photopea on Facebook or Twitter to know about the progress (links in my original post) :)
You mentioned your income is through ads. Have you thought of other avenues for revenue sources or ways to increase your current revenue even more to be able to hire more employees? Yes, I have thought about it, but I don't know about any ways, which could work better than ads.
Most of the current Photopea user can not afford to pay for the software, so I don't want to make half of features available only after the payment.
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Would a premium version that's identical in features but without ads be an option? Unless this is already a thing? It is already a thing :) You can hide ads for $10 for three months. Also, there is no subscription, you pay manually any time you want. Ads come back once it runs out :)
What things does Photoshop do better than your alternative? Photoshop can open almost all RAW image formats (in their Camera Raw program). I think Adobe pays the camera manufacturers, so that they allow Adobe to open raw files from their cameras.
At the moment, Photopea can open only four RAW formats, which cover around 80% of the market.
Do you think that photopea has been a success? I use it for work everyday and I certainly think it is! I think it is the most useful thing I made in my life so far, so it is a success :)
Good stuff. Love a free image editor. Why is this already on the front page, with just 6 comments and 22 points? I don't know much about the Reddit algorithm, but I think it is also about how old the post is. E.g. if you get 20 points in 5 minutes, you will be on top of a post, which received 50 points in an hour.
What's your favourite video game? Also thank you the amount if complete trash I have cropped using photopea is immeasurable I received my first computer when I was 13 and PC games seemed too complicated to me (and most of them were in English, which I did not know well). I never had a playstation or a gameboy. So I never played video games much.
The first game I "understood" and truly enjoyed playing was Serious Sam :) I also spent A LOT of time playing Clash of Clans.
Will it stay free or is there a possibility that you're gonna put a price on that? Photopea has been free to use since the first release seven years ago, and I would like to keep it free to use in the future, too.
Love photopea, I use it all the time! Does anyone trouble you with any legal issues since it's basically an online photoshop? Thanks! I think the similarity of the interface of Photoshop and Photopea (and other photo editors) is a good thing. Imagine if each brand of computers had a different layout of a keyboard, because they wanted to be "different". I am very happy, that I can simply take any keyboard and start typing on it right away.
Maybe one time someone will come and say, that we have to make the background red, because the dark grey color is already used in their program. And we have to rename the Brush tool to "hair on a stick tool", because the Brush tool is already used in their program. But I hope such time will never come :D
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Please make an April 1st version with copyright-friendly tools, that would be awesome. Brush – Hair on a stick Bucket – Metal container Move – Relocate and so on. Edit: April Tools’ Day That is a graet idea! :D
How do you approach creating something that is intuitive? How do you know that your logic is universally understood? Are there any examples of tools, tasks, icons that you have had to change based on feedback? Thank you and great work! The user interface of Photopea has been evolving for seven years and there were probably hundreds of suggestions from users, which I listened to and modified, to get what we have now :)
Hi Ivan, I've used Photopea for a couple of years for basic editing. Congratulations - it's an amazing tool. The only feature that prevents me from upgrading to a paid version is the font selection interface. There are far too many fonts available, they load slowly, are all obscure and not represented well in preview. Would you consider curating/refining the available fonts? Hi, thanks! It is completely fine to use Photopea for free, you don't have to pay for Premium :)
You can mark some fonts with a star, and then, you can display only the "starred" fonts. You can use filters to see e.g. only "sans" fonts and hide "comic" or "handwritten" fonts. You can enable Latin-1 and other language categories, to see only fonts with many letters (only professional fonts support more than 200 letters).
Have you experienced any pushback/pressure from the bigger players? No :) I have been in touch with people from Google, Adobe, Corel, Canva and other companies, evrybody was very friendly and helpful :)
Thanks for making Photopea- I'm certainly loving it. Will there ever be an offline version? Hi, thanks!
A big challenge is, that Photopea can not use fonts from your computer, and it downloads fonts from our server, when you choose to use that font. So changing fonts would not work in an offline version (except of a couple of fonts we could pre-store).
I think the amount of time people spend using their computer offline is decreasing, and will be almost zero at some point :)
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If I use a font I have purchased, is it easy to implement, if you don't have that font on your server? Hi, just press File - Open in Photopea to load a font (TTF or OTF file) :)
Do you plan to keep photopea solely browser based? Many people think that browser programs are slower or "less capable" than desktop programs, but it is not true in the last five years. So a "download and install" version of Photopea would not have many advantages.
I could provide an offline version of Photopea, but at the moment, most of money come from ads, which would not work offline :/
the below is a reply to the above
You can try and make an Electron app, I know its essentially a browser but it would give that "native" feel to users. Hi, you can already press More - Install Photopea in Photopea and use it as a PWA :)
Great. Now can we please start working on a viable PDF editor that doesn't cost hundreds of dollars per year? Photopea can already do it to some degree :) have you tried it?
The PDF format was not meant to be edited further. But we are improving.
Thanks for developing Photopea. After your last AMA, I started using it. Is there a way for size of a new document to default to image dimensions on the clipboard? That's one of the handiest things in Photoshop so you don't have to either enter manually or overguess then crop down later. The size of a new document should be set by default to the dimension of the content of the clipboard.
But it works only in Chrome, Edge and Opera. Firefox did not implement the necessary standard yet. Don't know about Safari :/
You mentioned you plan on making a video editor. Have you considered an Illustrator alternative as well? Photopea already has many vector-related capabilities. It can open, edit and save SVG and PDF files. Somehow, I feel like a video editor would be more fun to make than an advanced vector editor.
the below is a reply to the above
Didn't know it supported editing SVGs. How does it compare to something like Inkscape? The interface is a lot different than Inkscape. Just try it and see how it works :)
I know this is a long shot, but any chance I can join on board with little to no knowledge so I can learn (for free of course)? 😁 It could be doing menial tasks for all I care. If not, any advice for someone like me wanting to change career path and code? I'm just tired of what I've been doing so I just recently starting some online coding courses but would like to learn more hands on if possible. Hoping to change career path for the future. Well, if I spend time teaching you, I will have to invest less time into developing Photopea :D
I have been often tired of what I did, I get tired of Photopea-related work from time to time. There is not just a bad job and a good job, there are many things in between. But whenever you have to choose between a simple goal and a hard goal, don't be afraid to go for a hard goal :)
How did you begin to scale up the workforce? What positions did you prioritise and how did the recruitment process go? I'm in an early process of starting up a web application and can see it being difficult going from working alone on a project to trusting people to share the same determination to grow it. Thanks I do not have any team, I still work on Photopea alone.
Hi. Great stuffs. I will definitely give it a try soon. May I give a suggestion ? I use GIMP for Image editing since I usually have to make some illustrations for my work. And GIMP provides me with the function of adding Text from another format, like LaTeX (to write math formula). Do you think this would be possible to implement in your app ? Hi, is the LaTeX text rasterized to pixels after you insert it? Or you can modify it in GIMP?
the below is a reply to the above
the LINUX version of GIMP has a module in the Render section which allows me to type in the LaTeX code and product an image of the formula. I am not really used to the terminology of image like vector or raster image. But once the formula is produced, it is not modifiable. So if I messed up, I have to redo the process from the beginning. We don't have such thing in Photopea at the moment.
I used to write my masters thesis in . You can also convert LaTeX to a PNG image here: (right-click the image - Copy Image, and paste it in Photopea).
Can it do animations? The only thing I use photoshop for at this point is it's animation ability, especially it's keyframe animations, where you can make a single frame last however many seconds you like. If it can do that, i can finally delete photoshop. Hi, we do not have such animation capabilities as Photoshop. But there is a special mechanism for making animations from layers:
the below is a reply to the above
This kind of animation capability is exactly what I was looking for. Does it allow you to view the animation as a preview before you choose EXPORT? Of course :) Just drag-and-drop a GIF into Photopea and try to export it as a GIF, it will take you around seven seconds :)
what was your eureka moment for photopea that whoa this is possible? Sometimes, when I learn about a new algorithm or a method, I wonder how elegant and ingenious it is :) Like - the person who came up with it should have been really smart, I wish I was also that smart :D
Have you considered using Patreon? Have you considered letting people subscribe for a fixed period if no ads? Hi, we already offer a Premium account, where you pay and it hides ads for a period of time. I know about Patreon, but I feel a bit uncomfortable about accepting money for nothing in return.
Is there a downloadable version available/in the works? You can go to and press More - Install Photopea, to get an icon to your homescreen.
i tried using it on my display tablet, there doesn't seem to be any pressure sensitivity? Hi, try to update your tablet (drivers, browser, os, etc). But it works on the latest iPad and on my old Android phone (it tracks the pressure of my finger). If it does not help, try to report it to the tablet manufacturer (as it will not work in any website, not just Photopea).
Is there support for sprite editing tools or just tools in general for game devs? Do you mean generating sprites, etc? It can do most of things Photoshop can do, but if you need something more, you can always suggest it here :)
What made you decide to create a free photo editor? It was just an experiment of analyzing PSD files in a browser. I gradually improved it. I did not want to make a photo editor during the first two years of work. But at some point, I realised - hey, it should not be that hard to make it into a photo editor.
How is this compared to GIMP? Hi, you can read this article:
But it is about Photopea from two years ago. Photopea improved significantly since then.
So is it WASM or just regular old JS + WebGL? I found this looking for a browser based alternative a while back and thought it was awesome, but the controls were a bit too advanced/inaccessible for my requirements. If you're serious about growing the dev team I'm a self employed engineer if you want to hit me up. I wrote only JS and GLSL (for GPU processing). I use three WASM libraries, which I did not make. Thanks for your offer, but I would like to hire someone I could work with in person.
I’ve been using photopea ever since your previous AMA a year ago. My question is: how often are do you AMA and how did it impact traffic to photopea? I did only three AMAs with about a year between them. The traffic grows by about 10 - 20%, which lasts for a day or two :)
How much time have you invested in creating this tool? Or what's your weekly time investment? I never measured it, but I think it is about the "regular" 40 hours a week.
Did you know most of what you needed before starting on Photopea or did you learn as you went along with adding new features? What unexpected difficulties presented themselves while working on Photopea? It is like I knew how to use a chisel, but I never carved a statue that big.
I learned many practical things (state-of-art algorithms etc), I used many things I learned at the university, which I thought I will never use :)
How do I start contributing to Photopea? What would you like to contribute with? You can help us find bugs or help beginners at our subreddit:
I hope this hasn't been asked, but why haven't you made a downloadable/fully offline version of your program yet? I know that as soon as you load the site you can use it offline, but there are times when people need to edit pictures without any internet connection at all. The online version makes it much easier to release new versions and do updates. I update Photopea about 30 times a week (with minor fixes).
Also, it feels a little uncofmortable to imagine, that someone is using a two year old version of Photopea and is cursing me because of some bug, which I already fixed, and I can not do anything about it at that moment :/
What technologies did you use to build this? I used Javascript and WebGL :)
It's really great that you're offering an alternative to Photoshop! I was wondering, what language or software did you use to write Photopea? I wrote my code in Javascript, but in my opinion, the language is not important at all.
The best language is the one you know how to use. Also, for me, it is important, that there is a way to execute my code fast, which is possible with Javascript in modern browsers.
[removed] Hi, you should not use Auto-translate, as we have a professional Swedish translation. Just press More - Language - Svenska. You can switch languages without restarting Photopea. should be in Swedish the first time you open it, if Swedish is set as your main language.
What's your End User Licensing Agreement looking like? How is this licensed? I like to know before end users start requesting such as im sure someone now wants to install this in a corporate environment... Photope works in your computer and it never sends any data outside your computer. It is just like buying the cheapest calculator and using it. You don't get a licence to use such calculator, the numbers that you enter into a calculator don't leave the calculator.
Our terms of service are here:
What's your opinion of the current state and direction of front-end development? I think I don't know much about it. I write my JS code in notepad and that code is precisely the code which runs in the browser of a user (without any modification). I did not change the way I develop webapps in the last six years.
the below is a reply to the above
Straight up Windows Notepad? Not notepad++ or Visual Studio Code or Atom or anything else??? I use Notepad++ :)
Are you planning in translating it? If so, I'd be glad to work on the italian version. Hi, it is already translated into 40 langauges, just press More - Language - Italiano :)
Hey Ivan, i'm very impressed by your work, but i'm an avid GIMP user. As you can imagine switching editors is always a hassle once you've got used to one. So can you give me some bullet points why it would be worth to switch from GIMP to Photopea? Thanks for the AMA! Hi, I think you should stay with GIMP, since you already know how to use it :) And if there is nothing specific you miss in GIMP, you probably don't need such features :)
Hey ivanhoe90 I noticed today that the pen tool behaves backward when clicking the second point and dragging. It's like the curve goes the opposite direction than anyone would expect. I almost filed a github issue on it but I just didn't have time. Is that a bug? Oh, I am very sorry, it is fixed now.
Hi, I wanted to know what's your story. That is your biography. And what did you study too get here? How did you get the idea for photopea? Hi, I gave a talk about it in France a year ago :)
DUDE! Your program saved me in the final semester of my Masters. I needed to upload images and I don't have a scanner so I used my phone and fixed the colour and tones in Photopea. Bless you for your hard work. I guess my question is what kind of cheese do you like? Thanks a lot! If you only knew how happy I am about such comments :)
I like all cheeses, as I think they are all amazing, each one in a different way.
I love this software and I use it daily, Every time I think to myself "I wonder if can also do" the answer has been yes. I love showing my co-workers this software while working in Citrix, it always blows people away that this works. Question: Any change of seeing a feature that doesn't automatically export local files to the download folder? I would love to select where I want to automatically save them or just save as > location (The google drive system already amazing though) It's that one minor thing that makes me end up with File(17).png Hi, thanks! The saving mechanism depends on the settings of the web browser. The browser usually handles the file saving the same way for all websites. So just change the browser settings - make the browser ask you about where you want the files to be saved (we can not do anything about it as a website).
Do you think Photopea can have more active users than Photoshop? And why? It is hard to tell. There are many features in Photoshop and other editors, which Photopea can not do. Even if Photopea has more active users, it does not mean it makes more money.
Well I'm 9 hours late and maybe it was already asked and answered, but if you feel like responding... do you have to recreate stuff like puppet warp or quick select from scratch? Like you have to go back and read some old white paper on the algorithm, and then sort of reinvent the wheel? Hi, that is correct, there are usually no free implementations of such algorithms, and if there are, they are not in Javascript or are not good enough :/
Actually, the Puppet Warp is based on a 2009 paper from Takeo Igarashi. I found a mistake in it and I wrote him an email, and it took me several emails to persuade him that he really made a mistake in his paper :) But many other authors refuse to look deep into papers they wrote a long time ago.
Who would you prefer Photopea being aquired by, and why? I don't know. I am not looking for an acquisition at the moment.
I'm getting into video editing. I'm a noob to photoshop and video editing. Are there any tools in this that can complement my video editing? I was thinking of being able to create custom graphics for the videos but what else are the capabilities? I dont know much about video editing, but you can use Photopea for photo editing. I think the more time you spend learning a tool, before actually using it, the less time you will spend in total (e.g. doing something by "trial and error" in 3 hours vs. learning it in 1 hour and doing it in 30 minutes, because you learned how to do it).
How were you able to acquire such a vast amount of knowledge about editors and programming? I studied programming at the university for many years. Learning how to use Photoshop or any other editor is easier, but still can take weeks or months.
the below is a reply to the above
I'm currently studying programming at uni too. Am I correct in assuming that the vast majority of the code for photopea is JavaScript since it's a web application? Yes, I wrote my programs in Javascript :) But I did not have any Javascript class ever in my life. I think the programming skills are not related to the knowledge of a specific programming language.
Could you comment on a bit? I don't quite understand why you're against using syntactic sugar. Especially let, const, and strict equality. I'm not claiming to be an expert at all, but most of these guidelines are in opposition to modern day JS practices. So I was just curious if you could elaborate on your decision making! I think it is up to you what you write. But I am used to writing as "simple" code as possible, and it just looks cleaner to me if you use "var" instead of let/const (and it has no impact on the speed).
[deleted] I think the knowledge is the most important. Also, it should be someone friendly, calm, rational, etc :D
Hey, I don't know if this has been asked before but since you have mentioned that Photopea can run offline after it's been loaded (meaning that there is no server backend), have you ever considered packing the app into a desktop app (e.g. with Electron or nw.js)? Hi, I think opening a website is faster and more comfortable than downloading and installing something. Also, the electron version would be hard to update (unless it is just an iframe with Photopea inside it).
Have you ever considered making Photopea into a mobile app? Hi, half of our users use Photopea on phones. It works quite well. If you look for "photopea" on Youtube, most of videos are recorded on phones.
My Reddit client doesn’t have a comment search feature, but have you considered bundling an electron version for people to download? Seems like a quick win, and even gets around ad blockers. Or if it’s a premium only offering, is just icing on the cake Hi, I was a bit lazy to maintain a separate version of Photopea. I don't see any advantages it would have over the basic version.
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A generation ago, powerful mage Constantine Madden came close to achieving what no magician had ever achieved: the ability to bring back the dead. He didn't succeed . . . but he did find a way to keep himself alive, inside a young child named Callum Hunt.
Facing up to what he is, Callum has battled chaos and evil across four years of magical training at the Magisterium, eventually defeating the armies of chaos in an epic battle.
It came at a cost.
Now, triumphant and heartbroken, Callum Hunt has just about had enough, and is ready to complete his training. But the evil Callum faced has not given up just yet...READ MORE►►

Details of Book
Author : Holly Black
Number of pages : 256 pages
Editor : RHCP Digital
Date of Publication : September 6th 2018


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2018.07.30 06:17 mdneilson 2018 World Junior Summer Show on NHL Network

Plenty of college players will be playing in the show.
3 games will be broadcast on the NHL Network and likely streamed online (nhlstreams)
Thu. Aug. 2 @ 2PM USA vs. Sweden Fri. Aug. 3 @ 2PM USA vs. Finland Sat. Aug. 4 @ 4PM Canada vs. USA 
Many prospects will also be in the Hlinka games as well.
USA Roster (the other teams are TBD - the Hlinka site is garbage)
(All games will be broadcast on TSN and/or streamed on
USA SCHEDULE DATE TIME Opponent Round Broadcast Mon. Aug. 6 8PM Czech Republic Preliminary Tue. Aug. 7 8PM Finland Preliminary Wed. Aug. 8 8PM Russia Preliminary Fri. Aug. 10 4/8PM TBD (2 games) Semifinals NHL Network Sat. Aug. 11 4/8PM TBD (2 games) 3rd/1st Place NHL Network 
All times central
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2017.08.23 18:07 paglitagli [Espn]!Vaermbols FC vs AIK live Stream Online Sweden Cup Soccer

Värmbols FC AIK live score video stream and H2H results - SofaScore Prior to joining bet365 and funding your account in order to view Värmbols FC AIK or any other particular event via the bet365 live stream you are strongly [PDF]Varmbols FC vs AIK Live Streaming Soccer Match 23 August 2017
8 mins ago - Prior to joining bet365 and funding your account in order to view Värmbols FC AIK or any other particular event via the bet365 live stream you AIK live scores results fixtures Varmbols v AIK live Soccer Sweden
AIK page on FlashScorecom offers livescore results standings and match details (goal scorers red cards …) Varmbols FC vs AIK predictions live score & result Sporticoscom
Check out fixture and results for Varmbols FC vs AIK match All predictions data and statistics at one infographic Sporticoscom - football statistics for over 60 Varmbols Fc AIK Solna live scores - Varmbols Fc vs - Sportytrader UK
Varmbols Fc AIK Solna live: Latest scores and match update of the Varmbols Fc AIK Solna match follow the scores live of the Varmbols Fc AIK Solna Second Varmbols FC vs AIK Solna - Betting Best Odds Gambling Live
13 hours ago - Varmbols FC vs AIK Solna-2017-08-23 - Betting Best Odds Gambling Live Soccer Bet live betting Live ScoresMatch Result VoteAnalysis Varmbols vs AIK 2017 Live Stream - YouTube Video for Varmbols FC vs AIK live
5 hours ago - Uploaded by samata coreza Live Stream ⇨ http:donasicf/FGP Varmbols vs AIK Svenska Cupen - Qualification Soccer Varmbols Vs AIK (2017) Live Stream Soccer - YouTube Video for Varmbols FC vs AIK live
22 hours ago - Uploaded by pohara ieu hesena Live broadcast Competition : Soccer - Svenska Cupen - Qualification Date : Aug Se Värmbols FC - AIK – live – stream Streama på C More
Streama Värmbols FC - AIK (Svenska Cupen 23 augusti 17:50) här via din dator eller våra appar Prova C More nu - utan bindningstid! ((SOCCER)) Varmbols vs AIK live online stream Check this out! 7 hours ago - Welcome › Forums › Your Public Speaking Forum (FAQ) › ((SOCCER)) Varmbols vs AIK live online stream This topic contains 0 replies has 1
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2016.11.11 15:17 bored_and_underaged Entire wiki page for Mephistoles

Mephistopheles From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia For other uses, see Mephistopheles (disambiguation).
Mephistopheles flying over Wittenberg, in a lithograph by Eugène Delacroix. Mephistopheles (/ˌmɛfɪˈstɒfɪˌliːz/, German pronunciation: [mefɪˈstɔfɛlɛs]; also Mephistophilus, Mephistophilis, Mephostopheles, Mephisto, Mephastophilis, and other variants) is a demon featured in German folklore. He originally appeared in literature as the demon in the Faust legend, and he has since appeared in other works as a stock character. Contents [hide] 1 Etymology 2 Inside the Faust legend 3 Interpretations 4 Outside the Faust legend 5 References 5.1 Bibliography 5.2 Notes 6 External links Etymology[edit] The word may derive from the Hebrew מֵפִיץ (mêp̄îṣ) which means "scatterer, disperser", and tophel, short for תֹּ֫פֶל שֶׁ֫קֶר (tōp̄el šeqer) which means "plasterer of lies".[1] The name can also be a combination of three Greek words: μη (me) as a negation, φῶς (phōs) meaning light, and φιλις "philis" meaning loving, making it mean "not-light-loving", possibly parodying the Latin "Lucifer" or "light-bearer".[2] Inside the Faust legend[edit] Further information: Faust
MEPHISTO_PHILES in the 1527 Praxis Magia Faustiana, attributed to Faust. The name Mephistopheles is associated with the Faust legend of a scholar, based on the historical Johann Georg Faust. In the legend, Faust wagers his soul with Mephistopheles. The name appears in the late 16th century Faust chapbooks. In the 1725 version, which Goethe read, Mephostophiles is a devil in the form of a greyfriar summoned by Faust in a wood outside Wittenberg. From the chapbooks, the name entered Faustian literature. Many authors have used it, from Christopher Marlowe to Goethe. In the 1616 edition of The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, Mephostophiles became Mephistophilis. Mephistopheles in later treatments of the Faust material frequently figures as a title character: in Meyer Lutz' Mephistopheles, or Faust and Marguerite (1855), Arrigo Boito's Mefistofele (1868), Klaus Mann's Mephisto, and Franz Liszt's Mephisto Waltzes. Interpretations[edit]
Mephistopheles by Mark Antokolski, 1884. Although Mephistopheles appears to Faustus as a demon – a worker for Lucifer – critics claim that he does not search for men to corrupt, but comes to serve and ultimately collect the souls of those who are already damned. Farnham explains, "Nor does Mephistophiles first appear to Faustus as a devil who walks up and down on earth to tempt and corrupt any man encountered. He appears because he senses in Faustus’ magical summons that Faustus is already corrupt, that indeed he is already 'in danger to be damned'."[3] Mephistopheles is already trapped in his own hell by serving the Devil. He warns Faustus of the choice he is making by "selling his soul" to the Devil: "Mephistophilis, an agent of Lucifer, appears and at first advises Faust not to forgo the promise of heaven to pursue his goals”.[4] Farnham adds to his theory, "...[Faustus] enters an ever-present private hell like that of Mephistophiles".[5] Outside the Faust legend[edit] Main article: Mephistopheles in popular culture Shakespeare mentions "Mephistophilus" in the Merry Wives of Windsor (Act I, Scene I, line 128), and by the 17th century the name became independent of the Faust legend. According to Burton Russell,[6] "That the name is a purely modern invention of uncertain origins makes it an elegant symbol of the modern Devil with his many novel and diverse forms." Mephistopheles is also featured as the lead antagonist in Goethe's Faust, and in the unpublished scenarios for the Walpurgis night he and Satan appear as two separate characters. Marilyn Manson's 2015 album The Pale Emperor features a song titled, The Mephistopheles of Los Angeles. The official music video features Manson in the role of a vampire-like evangelist robed in black, who drowns one of his converts while baptizing her; and who proclaims, "I'm the Mephistopheles of Los Angeles." References[edit] Bibliography[edit] Russell, Jeffrey Burton (1986). Mephistopheles: The Devil in the Modern World (1990 reprint ed.). Ithaca, New York: Cornell. ISBN 978-0-8014-9718-6. Goethe, Johann Wolfgang Von (2001). Hamlin, Cyrus, ed. Faust: A Tragedy ; Interpretive Notes, Contexts, Modern Criticism (Norton critical ed.). New York, New York: W. W. Norton & Company. ISBN 978-0-393-97282-5. Ruickbie, Leo (2009). Faustus: The Life and Times of a Renaissance Magician. Stroud, UK: History Press. ISBN 978-0-7509-5090-9. Notes[edit] Jump up ^ Online Etymology Dictionary. "Mephistopheles". Retrieved December 11, 2015. Jump up ^ The Broadview Anthology of British Literature Volume 2: The Renaissance and Early Seventeenth Century, Second Edition, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustuspg. 423 (see footnote 11) ISBN 978-1-55481-028-4 Jump up ^ Farnham, Willard. Twentieth Century Interpretations of Doctor Faustus. New Jersey: Prentice-Hall, Inc.,1969: 6. Jump up ^ Krstovic, J. O. and Lazzardi, Marie. "Plot and Major Themes". Rpt. in Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800. Ed. Jelena O. Krstovic and Marie Lazzardi. Vol. 47. Farming Mills, MI: The Gale Group, 1999: 202 Jump up ^ Krstovic & Lazzardi 1999, p. 8 Jump up ^ Burton Russell 1992, p. 61 External links[edit] Wikiquote has quotations related to: Mephistopheles Wikisource-logo.svg Chisholm, Hugh, ed. (1911). "Mephistopheles". Encyclopædia Britannica. 18 (11th ed.). Cambridge University Press. p. 147. [hide] v t e Faust Characters Inspiration Johann Georg Faust Johann Fust Simon Magus Theophilus of Adana Legend Erdgeist Faust Mephistopheles Pan Twardowski Comics Doctor Faustus Felix Faust Mephisto Mys-Tech Sebastian Faust Seminal works Historia von D. Johann Fausten (1587 chapbook) Cenodoxus (1602, play) Doctor Faustus (1604 play) Goethe's Faust (1808 play) Faust, Part One Faust, Part Two Related Deal with the Devil in popular culture Works based on Faust The Phantom of the Opera G vs E The Fiery Angel (1908) The Rake's Progress (1951, Stravinsky) The Picture of Dorian Gray (1891) Black Easter (1968) Vi veri universum vivus vici The Transformers: The Movie (1986) Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith (2005) Before Twilight (2009) Stingy Jack Films Faust and Marguerite (1900) The Damnation of Faust (1903) Faust and Marguerite (1904) The Student of Prague (1913) The Student of Prague (1926) Faust (1926) The Devil and Daniel Webster (1941) Alias Nick Beal (1949) The Band Wagon (1953) Marguerite de la nuit (1955) Faustina (1957) Damn Yankees (1958) Faust (1960) Bedazzled (1967) Doctor Faustus (1967) El extraño caso del doctor Fausto (1969) Phantom of the Paradise (1974) The Devil and Max Devlin (1981) Mephisto (1981) Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986) Crossroads (1986) Doctor Faustus (1982) Oh, God! You Devil (1984) Limit Up (1989) Faust (1994) The Master and Margarita (1994) Spawn (1997) H-E Double Hockey Sticks (1999) Bedazzled (2000) Faust: Love of the Damned (2001) Fausto 5.0 (2001) I Was a Teenage Faust (2002) Shortcut to Happiness (2003) Ghost Rider (2007) American Faust: From Condi to Neo-Condi (2010) Faust (2011) The Wizard of Stone Mountain (2011) Plays Gretchen (1879) Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (1955) The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon (1965) Temptation (1986) Operas Faust (1816, Spohr) La damnation de Faust (1846, Berlioz) Faust (1859, Gounod) Mefistofele (1868, Boito) Faust and Marguerite (1855, Lutz) Faust up to Date (1888, Lutz) Doktor Faust (1916–25, Busoni) Doctor Faustus Lights the Lights (1938) Reuben, Reuben (1955) Historia von D. Johann Fausten (1994) Classical music Gretchen am Spinnrade (1814) Faust Overture (1840) Grande sonate 'Les quatre âges' 2nd movement "Quasi-Faust" (1847) Scenes from Goethe's Faust (1853) Part II of Symphony No. 8 (1906–07, Mahler) Faust Symphony (1854–57, Liszt) Mephisto Waltzes (Liszt) Gothic Symphony Bagatelle sans tonalité Other music Albums Epica Saga Epica The Black Halo Beethoven's Last Night The Black Rider Songs "Mephisto Polka" (1859–85) "Cross Road Blues" (1936) "Sympathy for the Devil" (1968) "Friend of the Devil" (1970) "Bohemian Rhapsody" (1975) "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" (1979) "Take My Scars" (1997) "Faustian Echoes" (2012) Television Episodes "Printer's Devil" (1963) "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville" (1963) "Devil's Due" (1991) "Treehouse of Horror IV" (1993) "Bart Sells His Soul" (1995) "Hell Is Other Robots" (1999) "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" (2003) Other The Devil and Daniel Mouse (1978) The Collector (2004) Reaper (2009) Musicals Damn Yankees (1955) Randy Newman's Faust (1993) Success! (1993) Faust (2003) Prose "Bearskin" "Daniel and the Devil" Melmoth the Wanderer (1820) "The Devil and Tom Walker" (1824) St. John's Eve (1830) Auriol (1844) Chasse-galerie (1892) The Sorrows of Satan (1896) Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, Pataphysician (1898) The Master and Margarita (1929–40) Mephisto (1936) The Devil and Daniel Webster (1937) None but Lucifer (1939) Doktor Faustus (1947) The Devil in Velvet (1951) The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant (1954) Gimmicks Three (1956) The Devil to Pay in the Backlands (1956) That Hell-Bound Train (1958) For a Breath I Tarry (1966) The Damnation Game (1986) Eric (1990) The Devil's Own Work (1991) Jack Faust (1997) Johannes Cabal the Necromancer (2009) Ballet Faust Art Faust Gods' Man Poems Manfred Video games GrimGrimoire Knights Contract Animamundi: Dark Alchemist Comics Dangerous Habits Ghost Rider Faust Spawn Spider-Man: One More Day Soul Cartel Anime & manga Black Butler Faust Puella Magi Madoka Magica Category Category Categories: Fictional demons and devilsTheatre charactersCharacters in Goethe's FaustFaustFictional trickstersGerman folkloreLiterary villainsSupernatural legendsDeal with the Devil Navigation menu Not logged inTalkContributionsCreate accountLog inArticleTalkReadEditView historySearch
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EDIT: title is supposed to say mephistopheles
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2016.10.15 02:19 only_glutathione Mina åsikter från vad jag har läst, sett och lyssnat på den senaste tiden.

De två senaste åren har jag precis som så många andra på internet läst och lyssnat mycket på saker som händer i Sverige, som inte pratas om förrän det inte längre går att undvika. Men också diverse saker som har varit helt tyst om under hela min uppväxt. De föll nästan som dominobrickor, det ena ämnet ledde till det andra och förstärkte min övertygelse i de föregående.
Börja med dagens och senare års samhälliga och politiska situation. Migrationskrisen, eller flyktingkrisen som det kallas i nyspråk.
I början pratades det om att vi behövde invandring för att klara av att betala pensioner o.s.v. Vi var nära en exakt ersättning, med reproduktionsnivå på ett barn per person, vilket vi fortfarande är. Mer om reproduktionsnivå senare.
Det skulle vara en vinst för Sverige, det var ett kompetensregn och om man var emot invandring fanns det bara en anledning kvar, för allt annat var positivt! Man var rasist, nazist eller främlingsfientlig.
Men sedan lade man märke till SD och undrade vad de tyckte. Deras argument var inte uppenbart rasistiska i min mening, så trotsig som jag är ville jag argumentera deras ståndpunkt i min vardag tills jag får en annan uppfattning. Tino hade de bästa argumenten emot invandring enligt mig.
På den tiden hade epitet som nazist och rasist fortfarande vikt, så jag undersökte vad det innebar. Skolan hade som vanligt gjort ett dåligt jobb på att framföra en balanserad bild. Vart ordet kom ifrån, nationalsocialism hade inte pratats om. Inte heller mycket om situationen i Tyskland innan arbetarpartiet demokratiskt fick makten. Ett fullständigt enormt fokus hade såklart lagts på förintelselägren och antisemitismen. Det är helt enkelt inte intressant. Där finns ingen konflikt. Det är självklart att man fördömer det om man inte är en genuin antisemit, vilket inte många från västvärlden är.
Det intressanta är hur det var ett världskrig, ett ideologiskt krig, ett fruktansvärt krig med flera krigsbrott. Det byggde dessutom på spänningar från ett tidigare världskrig. Det var ett ENORMT komplext krig på grund av hur många länder som var med och alla olika motiv.
Diskussionen runt allt annat än antisemitismen har liksom tystats ner. Om man inte tycker att de allierade gjorde allt rätt och var perfekta hjältar och stoiska beskyddare av rättvisa, så har man fel och är en apologist, en nazist och därför en antisemit som vill massmörda judar.
Man bortser helt från att Tyskland gick från en legendarisk lågkonjunktur till att bli en stormakt på ett par decennier, med flera infrastrukturer som står kvar idag, t.ex. autobahn. Att ryssland svälte sitt folk till den grad att kannibalism blev vanligt, för att producera en armada av pansarvagnar. Att dödssiffran i koncentrationslägren har skrivits ner flera gånger.
Ingen faktisk kritik förs emot nationalsocialism, utan det beblandas med den version av etnontaionalism som Hitler förespråkade. Där etnonationen var en förlängning av evolutionen och de som erövrade världen var den överlägsna människan. Det är åtminstone min tolkning runt deras starka krigiska och expansiva tendenser. Om man bestämt vill beblanda nazism med antisemitism, får man banne mig lämna ordet nationalsocialism ifred, för det är vad Sverige blir om vi går ur EU och stänger gränsen. Vi blir nationalistiska och vi är redan socialistiska sett till världsstandarden.
Det är någonstans här jag börjar undersöka IQ. Läste om det på, kollade på intervjuer och presentationer av James Flynn, Charles A. Murray, Richard Lynn och Linda Gottfredson. Kom fram till den radikala slutsatsen att medvetande, och därmed intelligens, är resultatet av gener som interagerar med sin omgivning. Omgivningen kan givetvis vara olika näringsrik o.s.v. - men alla saker lika kommer gener bland annat göra att:
  • Fight-or-flight responsen kommer, och går, olika lätt. MOA-A påverkar detta där mindre effektiva versioner av generna innebär att neurotransmittörerna bryts ner långsammare. En av de dåliga versionerna av MOA-A kallas "krigargenen" och är kraftigt överrepresenterad bland gärningsmän av våldsbrott. Någon som försökt tänka logiskt när ni är arga?
  • Koncentrationer av neurotransmittörer blir olika, balansen därimellan likaså. Detta påverkas av ovan nämnda enzym och dess gen, men även av transporten av aminosyrorna fenylalanin och tryptofan till hjärncellerna, där de är materialet för dopamin och serotonin och dess vidare produkter.
  • Volymen av hjärnan blir olika.
In a large meta-analysis consisting of 88 studies Pietschnig et al. (2015) estimated the correlation between brain volume and intelligence to be about correlation coefficient of 0.24 which equates to 6% variance. Researcher Jakob Pietschnig showed that this strength of the positive association of brain volume and IQ has been overestimated in the literature, but still remains robust. He has stated that "It is tempting to interpret this association in the context of human cognitive evolution and species differences in brain size and cognitive ability, we show that it is not warranted to interpret brain size as an isomorphic proxy of human intelligence differences". Another 2015 study by researcher Stuart J Ritchie found that brain size explained 12% of the variance in intelligence among individuals.
Alla av dessa är uppenbart länkade till IQ, även om de inte förklarar hela skillnaderna själva.
Jag tror de flesta vet att frekvensen av genvarianter är olika bland olika befolkningar. Vi vet redan sedan länge att afrikaner har lägre kranial volym. Det säger som sagt långt ifrån allt. Men sen har vi en högre frekvens av "krigargenen" med. Jag menar inte att peka ut afrikaner specifikt här utan att påpeka att skillnader mellan etniska grupper, raser, folk, vad ni än vill kalla det, finns och ju mer forskning vi gör desto fler skillader kommer hittas och de kommer framstå tydligare. Inte för att de syns bättre på individen, utan för att ingen längre nekar det som alla redan ser. Att olika kulturer (interpersonella relationer och lagar, inte mat, inte musik, inte mode) har vuxit fram på olika världsdelar. Att länder har olika IQ. Läkare är nog närmast denna insikt då de får lära sig att olika etniciteter har olika sjukdomsrisker.
Låt oss tackla ett par saker som sägs om IQ för att förminska dess resultat.
  • Normalt sett syftar IQ på generell intelligens, eller g-faktor.
It is a variable that summarizes positive correlations among different cognitive tasks, reflecting the fact that an individual's performance on one type of cognitive task tends to be comparable to that person's performance on other kinds of cognitive tasks.)
  • IQ är högst ärftligt, med ca 0.75 ärftlighet vid vuxen ålder. Det betyder att dina föräldrars IQ är en bättre indikator än din omgivning, givet att individen inte är undernärd. Bekräftat av tvillingstudier och allmäna adoptionsstudier.
  • IQ test är inte designade för något västerländska eller vita män är bättre på. Bokstäverna är irrelevanta för provet och endast grundläggande aritmatik helt utan siffror används. Det är istället samband av ökande/variabel svårighet man ska förstå. Om denna typ av samband på något vis är till orättvis fördel för västerlänningar får ni gärna förklara hur detta kommer sig, och varför östasiater är bättre än oss.
  • Generell intelligens är inte specifik intelligens, det säger sig självt. Det innebär att man kan vara utmärkt på mattematik och ändå få sämre resultat på IQ-test än någon som är dålig på mattematik. Men den individen som fick bättre resultat är troligtivs bättre på något annat, vare sig det är att skriva, spela spel e.t.c. . Så är det ett sant mått på intelligens? Det är så vitt jag vet inte en enighet på den frågan än. Men det är det bästa vi har, och det gör ett bra jobb på att förutsäga prestanda i arbetsliv och akademia.
Slutligen, om man inte är nöjd med forskningen bakom ras/etniska/folkliga skillnader, be om mer forskning. Forskningsresultaten som finns är minst lika konsekventa som dem inom t.ex. näringslära.
Tillbaka till migrationskrisen. Den svenska arbetsmarknaden kräver praktiskt taget en gymnasieutbildning, och om man vill tjäna mer än en dräglig lön behöver man högskole/universitetsutbildning. Om ursprungsländerna för migranterna är någon indikation på deras IQ landar de flesta på 80-90. Skola ändrar inte på det. Näring har inte förbättrats markant från deras hemländer. Deras hemländer befann sig inte i svält och har tillgång till samma mat som vi har. De kommer aldrig integreras till fullo i arbetsmarknaden, utan majoritieten kommer få lågbetalda jobb, och vara underrepresenterade i jobb som kräver mental ansträngning och teoretisk utbildning. Precis som i USA.
Deras kultur kommer inte att ändras. Deras kvinnosyn och religion kan säkerligen ändras, det tar nog bara en generation, men machokulturen kommer vara kvar. Tendensen till vrede och våld kommer vara kvar. Precis som i USA.
Hur lång tid kommer det ta för en så starkt religiös grupp med stark kulturell identitet att skapa en rörelse lik BLM? Där våld och förstörelse är acceptabelt och den vite mannen är den enda anledningen till att de inte är till fullo representerade på toppen av den sociala och ekonomiska hierarkin?
Faktum är att en majoritet av de som kom hit inte var flyktingar. De var ekonomiska migranter. Man frågas retoriskt "Vem skulle inte göra det?" och svaret är att de flesta skulle det. Heder försvinner snabbt när man ser att man kan få det bättre. Problemet med den typen av immigration är tvåfaldigt. Att det finns miljontals människor som skulle göra det, och att vi har en begränsad budget med vilken vi kan hjälpa ofantligt mycket fler på plats än vi kan integrera (som i regel aldrig kommer lyckas).
Med opportunity loss i tanken har vi skapat ondo i världen i form av svält och utebliven utbildning. För det är där skon klämmer mest hos min humanistiska sida. Att budgeten för bistånd har minskats för att ta hand om dessa människor som fått ge uttryck för sin girighet.
Om vi återgår till den påstådda orsaken till behovet av immigration, reproduktionsnivån, den s.k. demografiska vintern. Det är intressant att det som alla länder i, eller på väg mot demografisk vinter har gemensamt är välstånd. Jag tänker framförallt på Japan, Skandinavien, USA och Kanada. Sydosteuropa, Afrika och sydostasien har inga sådana problem. Andra skillnader är såklart kvinnliga rättigheter, välfärd och IQ. Som någon som funderat mycket på feminism, välfärd, den kvinnliga populationen och dess reproduktiva motivationer lutar jag mot att det är skillnaden.
Centralt för tankegången är att innan teknologin framkommit fanns det ingen garanti att mannen i ett förhållande var den biologiska fadern. Uppenbarligen var motsatsen sann för kvinnan. Det plus att kvinnan blev mer och mer handlingsförlamad ju längre gången hon var innebar att mannen var den som lämnade hemmet och arbetade. Detta var sant i jägar-samlar stadiet och framåt och har troligtvis format vår parbildning och psykologin som leder till den.
Kvinnor som vet att barnet är deras behövde inte lita på sin partners trogenhet utan endast att maten, vattnet och värmen fortsätta komma, samt skydd från externa hot. Bäst mat, vatten, värme och skydd gav bäst odds för kvinnans och barnens överlevnad. För att rikta och sporra mannens arbete sade kvinnan vad hon ville ha härnäst. Därav kom mannens tävlingsinriktan, och kvinnans gnäll.
Eftersom resurser krävs för att barnafödsel samt uppväxt ska lyckas är mannens roll högst nödvändig. Om en kvinna blir gravid med en man som inte förser henne med resurser krävs en annan man, annars riskerar hon sin hälsa samt förlorar ett års fertilitet och sitt rykte. Det betyder att hon behöver hitta en hanrej, och att hon behöver kunna manipulera honom/undanhålla sanningen/ljuga bra nog att han tror att det är hans barn.
Att som man vara kontrollerande eller känna sig hotad av sin partners manliga umgänge när man själv inte är närvarande är förståeligt. De som inte var oroliga har inte längre avkomma i världen.
In more recent history, as a global average, about four or five women reproduced for every one man.
Detta innebär såklart inte att 75-80% av kvinnor hanrejade deras män, eftersom det kan ha varit polygamiska förhållanden, eller ännu mer troligt, seriella reproduktiva förhållanden, där mannen tog en fru eller två efter hans dåvarande fru inte kunde få barn. Abraham i bibeln är nog ett välkänt historiskt exempel.
Men man ska inte glömma att, akten att hanreja sin man är en legitim reproduktionsstrategi, eftersom man får både bättre gener för sin avkomma, och resurserna från en hängiven man, om man lyckas.
Industriella revolutionen kommer. Snart har kvinnan allt hon någonsin kunnat önska sig och mer. Gnället riktas till annat, får en annan form i offentliga forum. Feminism skapas.
Jämnställdhet framkommer. Män har helt plötsligt inte några resurser kvinnan inte redan har eller kan få av staten.
Det är här vikten av att feminism är en förlängning av kvinnlig natur kommer in. Vi har likhet inför lagen. Kvinnor håller alla kort reproduktivt eftersom det finns spermabanker och det är lätt att bara sluta ta p-piller i förhållanden. Flickor får högre betyg än pojkar för samma resultat i skolan. Det finns ingen anledning för feminism längre.
Fast då kollar de på "resultaten" på arbetsmarknaden. Där är män dominanta i inkomst och ledarpositioner. Det förklaras lätt genom att normalfördelningen av män är bredare. Det är större varians. Det innebär att det finns fler av högt IQ och lågt IQ. Om välbetalda arbetsplatser kräver högt IQ och hög utbildning är det tillräcklig förklaring. Att det finns forskning som pekar på att män har upp till 5 IQ högre än kvinnor skulle bara vara bonus för att förklara den skillnaden.
Det är som om det vore i mäns natur att ge kvinnor vad de vill ha, precis som det är i kvinnors natur att gnälla. Vart kommer det sluta?
Men vad har detta med vår reproduktionsnivå att göra?
I ett land med sexuell liberalism, ingen stigma runt skiljsmässor, ingen ekonomisk risk vid byte av partner, där män inte har monopolet på resurser de under en evolutionärt signifikant tid fört till bordet, vad finns kvar för män? I stort blir vi alla hanrejar retroaktivt och får konstant tävla om vem som bär byxorna i hemmet. Det enda som skiljer behandlingen man får av kvinnor är hur man ser ut, och det spelar ingen roll hur dom själva ser ut. Alla tycks förvänta sig Orlando Bloom, Ryan Gosling, Channing Tatum eller George Clooney. Så fort man når någon sorts tröskel vänder det som ett jävla mynt, som för evigt förändrar hur man ser på kvinnor. Helt plötsligt är man inte jobbig längre och alla ler. (källa)
Män rivs ner konstant, blir tillsagda att vara mer feminina i form av känslighet, följa sina drömmar o.s.v. Samtidigt är det bara maskulinitet och resurser som respekteras. Vi skäms ut om vi inte är sexuellt aktiva, vi fördöms offentligt om vi är sexuellt aktiva utanför relationer, vi fördöms av alla om vi är i relationer där vi inte respekteras. Det finns inget "safe space" för män som inte är bland den maskulina eliten när det gäller kvinnor.
Det offentliga forumet måste inse att vi är en sexuellt dimorfisk art. Män och kvinnor har helt olika förutsättningar för att lyckas i skolan, på arbetsmarknaden och på köttmarknaden. Liberalism och jämnställdhet är inte alltid det bästa alternativet. Frihet innebär stratifiering. I vissa fall är det bäst och nödvändigt, som på arbetsmarknaden och troligtvis i skolan. I andra är det inte det, som i könsfrågor.
Jag, precis som en till synes växande grupp andra, lutar åt att inte beblanda mig med kvinnor mer än nödvändigt. MGTOW kallas det. Men Go Their Own Way. Det är ingen kult, rörelse eller grupp. Det är en filosofi om något. TFM gjorde nyss en video som ganska väl beskriver MGTOW och svar på den vanliga kritiken. Vissa saker handlar om en ekonomisk riskbedömning som inte är lika relevant i Sverige. Här handlar det till hundra procent om uttrycket kvinnans natur tar i vårat samhälle.

Kom ihåg: undantag varken bekräftar eller motbevisar regeln. Jag generaliserar mycket men fokusera på om generaliseringen är rimlig, inte på om det finns undantag.

Så vad tycker ni? Vad är anledningen till vår demografiska vinter? Vad är fel på socialnationalism? Borde vi fortfarande vara ute efter jämnställdhet mellan könen och etniciteter? Jag menar detta borde vara diskussionsunderlag för ett par dagar!
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2015.04.04 22:53 nrbbi NiP vs. fnatic BO5 05.04.2015 18:00 CET

Links: HLTV CSGL Strawpoll
Watch: English Français Svenska Italiano
Match Information
Date: 5th of April 2015
Time: 18:00 CET
Tournament/League: CCS Kick-off Season Last Chance
LAN/Online: Online
Maps: Best of 5, maps is to be decided
Note: Winners get a slot at the CCS LAN Finals
NiP: GeT_RiGhT, allu, Xizt, f0rest, friberg
fnatic: JW, KRIMZ, pronax, flusha, olofmeister
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2014.04.15 22:17 belgiangeneral Any Swedish University students here? I will give you reddit gold if you can help me find these online articles I don't have access to! [Details inside]

Hej /Sweden! I need to find a few Swedish newspaper articles, but I don't have access to any Swedish university databases. I will give gold to anyone who can locate or help me locate these articles. I know the articles exist, so it's definitely not a futile task.
So let me explain what I'm looking for. In 1971, the Bin Laden family visited Sweden, when Osama was still an innocent 14-year old. A local newspaper published an article about that, because back in the day it was kind of exotic for Sweden to have a rich Saudi-Arabian family visiting. The article included this group picture of the Bin Laden family, supposedly including a 14-year old Osama (second on the right). In 1998, after the Al Qaeda embassy attacks in Kenya and Tanzania, Osama Bin Laden became internationally famous and the picture resurfaced in some Swedish newspapers. In the days and weeks after 9/11, finally, the picture resurfaced again, this time not only in Sweden, but across the world.
So, what I'm looking for, in order of importance, is:
I will give gold for every of these three finds. I've seen the 1971 article referenced, but can't actually find the full text; I've seen an article reference the fact that the photo surfaced in 1998, so that's my clue that an article around that time exists. The post-9/11 article will be easiest to find.
I'm thinking of newspapers like Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet, but also tabloids like Aftonbladet, and so forth.
Why do I want this? Because I'm writing an article about the spread of false rumours, and this picture is an excellent example of that. Every publishing of this picture after 9/11 is colourised, and will claim that Osama is the kid second from the right. But in fact, Osama wasn't even part of that family trip. My task is to find out who started these two pieces of false information. I've already found out that the colourisation was done by the British newspaper The Sun, in the second week after 9/11. All that remains is determining exactly when the rumour started that Osama is in this picture. That's why I need to find its earliest publishings.
Information and search terms that will make the search easier:
Basically every article about this photo will mention the names Falun (city where the Bin Ladens stayed), Hans Lindquist (journalist of the 1971 article in Dalarnas Tidningar) and Christina Åkerblad (owner of the hotel where the Bin Ladens stayed in 1971). So I suggest to search with these keywords. Also, limit the time period. The embassy attacks of 1998 happened on the 7th of August, so look for the weeks and months after that. 9/11...well, 9/11.
The earliest Swedish article I can find online myself dates from September 21st, 2001. In it, Christina Åkerblad, the hotel owner of the hotel where the Osama's stayed in 1971, says that she "recognizes" Osama on the picture. So it's probably her that misidentified Osama. I need to know if that misidentification happened in 2001 or in 1998. But it's also important for me to read the entire article, to know what's being said about the photo.
Tack så mycket!
PS: Alternatively, technically one could probably find these articles by just looking up the physical copies of these newspapers/magazines in local libraries, but I'm not expecting that any of you cares enough about this to do such a kind of effort, and that's totally cool. But again, if you do, Reddit Gold for ya.
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2013.10.08 16:50 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Tom Maxwell, former Squirrel Nut Zipper and author of their hit "Hell." Ask me anything!

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Date: 2013-10-07
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
I saw the Zippers at Horde Festival in maybe 1995 or 6. Add in Primus, Ben Folds, and Neil Young all in the same day... was it awesome? It was awesome. Anyway... There have been a handful of rumors of a reunion of SNZ. Never does the story get enough momentum to get past the rumor phase, though. It seemed like there were some pretty serious differences between you and James (and maybe Katharine). For you, is a reunion possible, or is it better not to zombify the band at this point? What's new on the horizon for you? Something still gonna happen soon? The HORDE was such a blast. Also, a little like prison camp. I got to stand at the back of the stage and watch Neil Young play the last chord of the last Ben Folds Five song (at an adjacent stage), making his guitar feed back. Oh, and the sun was setting. And it was fucking amazing. I'm not much for reunions but wouldn't rule anything out. I have a new album coming out early next year, made with Zips producer Mike Napolitano and featuring a couple duets/co-writes with one Ani DiFranco. Duke Heitger, who played trumpet on the HOT record, is on it too. It's a very good time!
Sweet. I'll look forward to the new album... and maybe a tour also... and maybe an exclusive preview for your devoted Reddit fans... Seriously though, good luck to you! Xoxoxo.
I saw Squirrel Nut Zippers at the Cat's Cradle; that show is still my definition for the words "blistering performance." How do 10 musicians stay so mercilessly tight without a conductor? The only ways I can think of are (1) a metronome somewhere that the audience can't see it and (2) rehearsals of a Steely-Dan-like level of intensity. What gives? Big ears. We were all head players, so nothing was written down. We listened. In the early days, we also practiced two or three times a week. Thanks for thinking it was 10 people - there were only 7 of us!
What was it like opening for Neil Young? Neil floored me. His sloppy leads, incredible tone...Crazy Horse was in fine form. The first show we played on HORDE I looked behind me and he was standing at the back of the stage! I almost passed out! Later, after I got the courage to talk to him, he said "that damnation record, that's a good record." Wow.
Hope your son is doing well. Hated to hear that the marriage broke up. That sucks. My son is doing great - thank you for asking. He successfully completed treatment three and a half years ago. And yes, divorce sucks.
Do you still play with Ken Mosher? I don't play music with Ken (he's in Baltimore now), but talking on the phone with him is like playing music.
What kind of archtop are you playing these days? Live, I'm still playing Blondie, my modified Epiphone Emperor Regent. It's a big fat jazz box with a 50s P90 pickup I had 'em drop in there. Got her in the late Zippers days and she's my gal. At home I write on a 1928 Gibson L-4, the kind with the oval sound hole.
Always wondered why that tune was panned hard like that! Sounded cool coming out of speakers, but on headphones it makes me walk in circles. Thanks! I like how you use words. You must be a writer.
You'll be gratified to know that I worked like hell trying to get that tenor sax solo on Lafitte's to sound as relaxed and melodic as Stan Getz. Don't think I even got close. :)
Do you feel as though the band would have gone further if Mammoth Records hadn't sold out to Disney? I know that Jimbo was being a putz, about cash and credits too. I just hate that the magic disappeared so quickly. Honestly, we were breaking up when we were recording Perennial Favorites, just as Hell took off. Our life was prolonged, I think. The Disney thing sucked, but so did the whole smash and grab feel to the whole thing. If we, as a band, had been able to row in the same direction we might have stuck it out. That's what you do in a lifeboat. That and assume that the water is full of sharks, which it was.
Oooo...what made you leave the Zippers? It seems like the most fun you can having hanging with someone. It was, for a long time. We were basically shot out of a cannon once "Hell" hit, and couldn't stand the pressure really. I left because all the stuff I thought made us great musically was gone.
It's been a few years since I've listened. I'm sad to hear it lost the magic. Are you doing anything new? Yes! Went back to New Orleans and made a record with Zips producer Mike Napolitano. Ani DiFranco is on it! Duke Heitger, who played trumpet on HOT, is too! Coming out early next year.
If you could see any musician (dead or alive) from present or past, at any venue, who, where and when would it be? God, so many. Cab Calloway in 1932 and Duke Ellington in 1940. Fats Waller and Ray Charles ANYTIME. Lord Executor and The Growler and King Radio and Lord Invader in Trinidad in the late 1930s. Django Reinhardt in Paris in 1937. Mercy me. There are 100 others.
I said in your comments before that seeing you all at Bailey Hall at Cornell in 1997 was such a fabulous time. Did you all have as much fun playing live as we did seeing you? I can honestly say we did, although people like you having that much fun was a big help. No matter how stressed we were, we always had a complete ball on stage.
I'd like to say I remember the Cornell show but no luck! I'm so glad it rocked you.
Speaking of remembering the shows, were there ever any "substances" that went along with performing? Always seemed like such a party on stage. I was stoned every day my dear. Some of us were. We all enjoyed the occasional drink, but I was seldom too drunk to play. There was too much to do.
I can't speak for anybody else, but besides tobacco that was all I did. We kicked our first trumpet player out for using heroin, and it ended up killing him.
Oh my God I love you. I wish I could think of a good question... Um... Who's Stephen Foster? Stephen Foster was America's first great songwriter. He cranked out a bunch of good tunes in, like, the 1840s, including "Camptown Races."
What is the meaning of this song? Which song? "Hell"? I'm not sure it has a meaning. It's either about eternal damnation or being hungover. Or the intersection of the two. The concept of hell scared me when I was a kid, so I guess I was trying to get control over it.
Now that I think about it, the song is about justice, or karma, or balance. It can't be that people can get away with doing bad things, or just get by on their looks. "All the things you try to hide / Will be revealed on the other side" is like that old gospel song that says "What you do in the dark will be brought to the light."
Hey Tom, I saw you perform at Bynum Front Porch a few weeks back. Heck of a show. What kind of music are you listening to these days? Thanks! I really enjoyed that show. Lately I've been listening to Jan Johansson - because it's Fall. His album Jazz Pa Svenska is a masterpiece. Also love that new song "Royal." My daughter turned me onto that.
Hello Tom, Thanks for doing the AMA! I saw the "Hell" thread at work and was looking forward to indulging once home... only to find YOU online! The chandelier was an accident. I bumped it, doing the vocal for Hell. Ken said it sounded good, and that I should shake it. One of the glass arms broke off in my hand! If you turn up the volume at the end of Hell, you can hear me say "I broke the chandelier." I was mortified. The label paid for the damage.
Do I recall wrong that for a while the Zippers were friends with / working with the Ben Folds camp? I have vivid memories of that era and loved the music that came from it. I remember one of the band members selling a $10,000 bass sax on your website a long time ago too lol. Kenny and I played horns on BFF's last record. That's me, laughing during Army, when Ben is talking about his redneck past. Robert Sledge was in the first incarnation of The Minor Drag, and I co-wrote a song or two with Darren Jesse, one of which I think is going to be released, or has been.
You've been on Dick Clark's Rockin' New Years; Played the HORDE festival; appeared on shows from the sublime to the ridiculous - Prairie Home Companion and Viva Variety. Looking back, what would you say has been the highlight of your career so far? It will always be performing Pallin' With Al with the song's inspiration Al Casey, Fats Waller's former guitarist. I tried to tell him the changes, but he said "play it through one time, I'll latch on." He took two solos and the tears just streamed down my face. It will never get better than that.
Are there any unreleased SNZ songs hidden away in some vault somewhere? Not really. There is the version of The Interlocutor that we recorded down in Kingsway with the rest of the HOT record, but is missing two seconds, mysteriously erased, possibly by the house ghost. Not a joke. I've always wanted to put up those reels and listen, maybe mix and release it as-is.
The Zippers were my first show in 2001; sadly you had left by then. Did you listen to the band after you left and what is your upcoming book going to cover? I heard Bedlam Ballroom and thought it sounded like a Zippers record without me and Ken Mosher. Jimbo is a hell of a writer, but he couldn't cover the spread.
My book is going to be about the Zippers, right up until we got famous. Then it ends. I want to try and describe just what odd little iconoclasts we were, and how deeply weird it was to go mainstream.
Have you ever checked out some of the music from your former bandmates from their solo careers? If so, was there anything you might listen to, or is it too painful to listen to that stuff? I really dig what Katharine is doing now. She only wrote on song during the Zippers, Sub Unus Rex, which we never recorded. She's a fine writer now.
What was it like playing with Andrew Bird? Bird's a genius. He picked up on stuff so fast; had such good technique. He's also an odd...bird. While overdubbing his part on one song a door that had been propped up fell over, making a tremendous crash. Bird didn't stop playing because he said it was a good take! His drummer Kevin O'Donnell and I did impressions of him until we almost peed ourselves.
Which character appeared on both the original series and The Next Generation and is rumored to have filled an ocean with his tears? Google is cheating. Good lord I have no idea. Google IS cheating, though. I agree.
Do you believe in Hell, and where did the idea 'Teeth are extruded and bones are ground Then baked into cakes which are passed around' come from? No, I think hell is a preposterous idea. Karma feels better to me, cos we all want to see assholes get their due.
The original line was "rolled into joints which are passed around," but I didn't think the 'rents would understand. I remembered a Warner Bros. Jack and the Beanstalk cartoon where Elmer Fudd is playing the giant. He says "I'll grind your bones to make my bread!" Then, picking up a little coffee mill, he says "this should grind their bones very nicely!" in such a sweet voice. I still think it's hilarious.
Wow, I can't believe all these years after loving that song in high school I got these answers from you, yourself. I've always loved that passing cakes around line, it's just so strange. And I'm glad you don't believe in hell. This is so fun. it's like friendly twitter.
I was really proud of using the word "extruded." :)
So... Where's Bee? :-) (<3 from the west coast, darlin.) scramble scramble8 BOING BOING BOING (much love from back home sweetie)
Where are you guys from originally? I heard somewhere in Oregon... We formed in and around Chapel Hill.
Ah ha... I have family in the Raleigh/Durham area, and am originally from Southern Oregon. I seem to remember some friends of mine saying they saw you guys playing a show in Grants Pass, OR (circa ~2000), and that you did not seem happy about it. Maybe they were unhappy that I had already quit the band by that time... :)
Here is Tom breaking the chandelier! I pulled out my CD and grabbed this section ;) Link to HAHAHAHA! Halloween night, 1995. I was wearing that blue Chinese gown you see on the back of the record.
Hello Tom, What aspects of the song did you write- the progression, lyrics, etc? Or maybe both. Also, did you write any other SNZ tunes? My band is currently covering Wash Jones, which is a personal favorite of mine :) I wrote everything for Hell - the progression, the melody, the lyric and the riff. Bear in mind that it is a single-tone calypso, and adheres to the form. Kind of like blues.
I wrote about a third of the band's catalog, including Put A Lid On It and Meant To Be.
I cover Wash Jones myself! My favorite Zippers song.
Wash Jones! I managed to figure out the roots but what the hell is the guitar playing there exactly?! Haha! You're on your own!
Tom Maxwell! Holy shit! I love SNZ. What do you think about how the swing revival went and how big of a part do you think SNZ played in it? I didn't really like the swing revival. I like that people dressed up; I like that people danced. But in terms of a fad or whatever, it put a shelf date on us. It was limiting. A lot of the other stuff that was called swing music was boring to me, and as the thing went on a lot of people we called "swing nazis" would show up to dance. They pushed with other fans out of the way to dance down front and complain about how fast our tempos were. I liked it better when no one knew how to categorize us. We were credited with starting it, but I don't think that's true. I guess we had the first hit, but it was calypso, not swing.
So excited to see this on here. I'm a huge Zippers fan. Your music was such a HUGE part of my adolescence. Loved to find out you were still making music! Can't wait for the new stuff! I actually recognized Ken at a restaurant in Baltimore about a month ago. We spoke for a few - when I mentioned I was from Pennsylvania he talked about a crazy night you all had when playing at the Electric Factory in Philly. What were your favorite cities/clubs to play? Atlanta was always a blast. I loved playing Chicago, especially Tschuba's (sp?). The critics HATED us and we sold out every time. Our first show in San Francisco, at Cafe Du Nord, was also mind-blowing. Everyone knew all the lyrics to our first record and we'd never been out there before.
Link to Additional question; Pallin' With Al, did you write all the guitar parts? That's some beautiful playing if so! I did the rhythm and Jimbo played the lead. That little figure in the beginning of Pallin' With Al was what Al Casey played on his signature song Buck Jumpin'. Al was Fats Waller guitar player, my idol and later friend. When I told him I lifted his lick, he said "steal from the best, that's my motto!"
A show somewhere in the Charlotte area on the week of the 21st-25th would be super duper. Just sayin. Has nothing to do with me being in the area from Dallas, TX that week :P. Damn it! I'm playing solo in Charlotte on Monday.
Origin of the name Squirrel Nut Zippers? We got it from a candy, made at the time by the Squirrel Brand Company in Cambridge, MA. They got it from a police blotter. In the 20s, they invented a chewy peanut candy and were searching for a name. They read a piece about a drunk dude stuck in a tree (this was during prohibition). When the cops asked him what got him up there, he said "must have been the Nut Zipper," which I guess was some raggedy-ass alcoholic concoction.
Some good music came out of the 90s, but damn there was also a lot of crappy so-called "alternative" music. Did you and your bandmates see yourselves as a conscious reaction to that? A return to American music roots? Because I kind of saw it that way, and it was awesome. Absolutely, although we didn't consider ourselves standard bearers. The flannel shirt/jeans with one ripped knee/black Converse high top uniform was a little limiting, as was the "everything sucks whatever" theme. Not that some of those bands didn't kicks serious ass. We wanted to rock acoustically, and dug a lot of the old school.
How did you feel about the use of "Hell" in "Dead Like Me"? Did you feel like it fit well or was it too obvious? I dug it.
Do you still hear the old man stamping his feet? Louder now.
Can I have a sip of that, Monk? What's mine is yours, Monk.
Holy shit. I remember my dad coming home from a trip to see family in New Jersey with this 'amazing record you gotta hear'. I seem to recall that the swing revival stuff was underway, so that puts it at the mid 90s. Then there was the KROQ Weenie Roast... My teenager mind was blown completely. Well, fuck yeah to all of that.
No question, just a thanks for the music and memories. During one of those radio festivals, an older lady in her 60s said she liked our stuff. Then she pointed to a 90-something year-old behind her and said "My mom likes it too!" I was so proud.
I just googled you and thought, "well, that look's a little different from the SNZ days". HA! That's the other guy. Leather cowboy hats are not my thing. Neither were zoot suits, for that matter.
You were my first concert! Thanks for putting out good stuff that still holds up today. Also Goddamn if the art direction/vibe on the Hell video wasnt amazing. Thanks! I wanted the Hell video to look like a demented Lawrence Welk show.
I forgot all about 'get fitted for a suit of flames'. You really have a way with words. Xoxo.
So very late to the game, but, "Meant To Be" was my wedding song and we're still going strong after 16 years! That's just the coolest thing. It's so fantastic to be able to affect people you don't even know. Good for y'all.
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2012.08.26 16:40 superost Input from Swedish dudes out there on the vague world of "dejt"-ing in Sweden ?

kära Sweddit,
Ledsen för den personliga tjänsten (och att det hela inte på svenska), men jag behöver din hjälp!
Background: I'm an American woman in my late 20s living in Sweden for about a year, met a guy living in the same city through online dating site who is in his 30s. Both of us are professionals and have lots of music/art/lifestyle stuff in common, and have hung out a few times. We also recently sexy-timed, if that makes any difference.
Sweddit, I think I might really like this dude, but all my experiences with Swedish dudes have made me into a Futurama Fry, where I'm thinking:
"Can't tell if he's completely uninterested...or just Swedish"
For example, I feel like I always have to initiate everything (dates, texting) which have so far been reciprocated 1-1 and our hang outs have been really fun. We are both busy people and can't really meet up spontaneously, but I don't always want to have to be the one to set something up if I want to see him again. For example, after our last hang out, we neglected to make any future plans to meet in person, but I of course haven't heard anything from him to set anything up.
Also, since we are busy people and don't necessarily live that close to each other, is it weird to want him to reach out more via SMS or something (ANYTHING) in the time between hang-outs? Or am I just being an impatient and slightly clingy American?
So, what do you Swedish men out there think? How do you approach moving forward with a girl you're interested in after it's clear she's interested too?
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2012.08.14 14:20 Tabian [MOD]The Official Swedish Links Thread

NOTE: This list is no longer maintained! Please refer to our wiki or this document for more up to date resources.
This is a collection of links to online material or resources which pertain to learning Swedish. It is by no means comprehensive, so if you know of a site you would like included just mention it in the comments with a quick description. I will edit this post periodically to include the new submissions in the top.
Please report any broken links to the mod. Thanks! :)
Introductory Swedish Sites
Introduction to Swedish and Grammar
Björn Engdahl's Swedish Course
Wikiversity-Introduction to Swedish
Aaron Rubin's Swedish Course
Leif Stensson's Swedish Grammar
Swedish 101
Ielanguages Swedish Tutorials
Internet Polyglot Swedish Lessons - with pronunciation
Online Swedish Bookstores -not currently shipping to the U.S.
ASI Bookstore and Language course texts
Bokia - shipping details uncertain
The People's Dictionary
Svenska Akademiens Ordbok
Lättäst News (Simple Swedish)
Youtube Channels
Go Swedish with me!
Speak Swedish Stupid
Other Swedish Learning Communities
Amerikanska Swedish Learning Forum
Wordreference -Nordic Languages Forum
Blogs on the Swedish Language
SvD Språkblogg
The Swedish Teacher
The Student Blog
The Expat Blog
Transparent Language-Swedish Language Blog
Other Swedish Links
Swedish Proverbs
Swedish Idioms
Swedish Parables
WikiQuote Swedish Proverbs
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Jag lägger ut Svenska spel videos på flera olika spel, bland annat FIFA, GTA och Minecraft. ... FIFA 15 Online Match REA V BARCA PS4 Gameplay - Duration: 15:01. Solrac C Recommended for you. Jag heter Kalle Cederblad och jobbar som Sfi-lärare. Jag har också jobbat med språkintroduktion på gymnasiet. Jag har tidigare mest arbetat med grunläggande ... The anti online dating patrol keeps ROBLOX safe from online daters! Subscribe to Pristh: Subscribe t... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Free online Swedish lesson taught completely in Swedish. Clase online de sueco dada totalmente en sueco. [email protected] h... Prenumerera och bli en del av familjen! Här nere är mer info om saker Sociala medier: Twitter: Instagram: https://instagra... السلام عليكم نتمنى من الجميع الاستفادة مما تقدمه قناتنا على اليوتيوب Svenska för alla هذا العمل يساعد كل من يتعلم ... Ambulans helikoptern tillkallas efter att en man vid sågverket råkat ut för en olycka. Letar du efter seriös roleplay? SVENSKA FÖR ALLA - a crash course in Swedish 65,575 views. 1:44. Träna att tala - dialog 4 Sfi kurs c, d - Duration: 14:56. Anita Pihl Sfi How to learn swedish 139,001 views. 14:56.